#Disc 1
  1. Peter Tedstone - Time Drift [04:31]
  2. Von Haulshoven - Airplay [07:15]
  3. Corporation - Approaching Draconis (Portal Mix) [07:41]
  4. Alpha Wave Movement - Pulse [07:58]
  5. Arroniz - Time Portal [06:56]
  6. Francois-Pol Cornec - Beyond the Portal [07:32]
  7. Mac of Bionight - Experiment 4 [03:59]
  8. Polaris - Flashback [07:33]
  9. Voynich - Electrophoretic Black [07:30]
  10. Megatone - Portal to Hyperspace [05:05]
    #Disc 2
  1. Russell Storey - Portcullis Draconis [04:57]
  2. Seren Ffordd - Incubus [06:31]
  3. Eric G - 3100 Event in a Desert Mine [07:29]
  4. AEM - Distant Observation of Solar Activity part 2 [07:13]
  5. Na-Koja-Abad - Forgotten Encirclement [07:33]
  6. Modulator ESP - Black Sun [05:58]
  7. Chromengel - Marcoo [06:22]
  8. The Glimmer Room - Know Happy Ever After [03:51]
  9. Phrozenlight - 7min30 [07:30]
  10. Nemesis - Empire of Lights [05:28]
  Joint Efforts - "The Album" is the outcome of an idea born several years ago on the EM forum emportal.info. Iím personally not a fan of compilation-albums, and like only those, which feature unique tracks.

Fortunately, "The Album" is an exception, as this double album contains all unique tracks in a whole range of styles. In addition, it offers the great opportunity to find out whatís going on in the Em scene since a couple of years. In that perspective, this album is a great platform for the rather unknown electronic musicians from all over the globe to get their voice heard.

There are 20 tracks in total, offering a very nice and accessible collection of contemporary electronics. What all excellent produced pieces have in common is a comfortable and warm but also lively atmosphere.

Although many may know I have a preference for ambient space music (like the great vintage/classical ambiences of Von Haulshoven, Polaris or Alpha Wave Movement), I also get a kick from up-tempo and very well sequenced pieces such as those by Corporation or Voynich, who are all featured on the first disc.

Disc two offers more recommended listening, of which I just swiftly like to mention the excellent rendered imaginary music by e.g. Russell Storey, Chromengel and Eric G, next to AEMís peppy sequencer piece with strong retro flavours without omitting all the others.

© Bert Strolenberg / www.sonicimmersion.org