1. Body Snatchers
  2. Androgena
  3. SFX
  4. Strange Love
  5. Alternative 3
  6. Dark Side of the Star
2001 reissue. 24Bit Digital Remastering. Following YMO's breakup this album consists of a mix of techno-pop songs and experimental tracks. It is credited to "Haruomi Hosono with Friends of Earth", though officially it seems to be listed as a solo work.
Hosono subsequently released several albums of music with the band Friends of Earth with the band credited as the album's artist.

The CD version of "S-F-X" takes the original LP, swaps a slightly altered "Special Mix" for one song on the LP and then intersperses the entire mini album "The Making of Non Standard Music" to fill up the CD. Guests involved are Kubota and Sandii, Miharu Koshi and Nishimura (a member of Hosono's band F.O.E.).
The result is an extremely varied album of a couple distinct styles. There are several tracks of song based techno pop.

Then he does some sample based ambient pieces that aren't really pop at all. Lots of Close Encounters references in this material. Then he incorporates the "The Making of Non Standard Music" mini album which is itself in 2 distinct styles, a somewhat lengthy pop tune to launch his new label Non Standard and then some ambient experimental music tracks to launch his new Monad label. Neither style is exactly like or very different from the 2 styles on the original S-F-X vinyl release.

2002. Nicholas D. Kent / www.artskool.biz/jem