1. Part I [16:07] MP3 soundclip of Part 1 [0:30]
  2. Part II [11:06]
  3. Part III [6:14] MP3 soundclip of Part 3 [0:30]
  4. Part IV [8:20]
  5. Part V [9:22] MP3 soundclip of Part 5 [0:30]
Also known as Marcin Drabot, Martin Dot, Ananta Urbanisation (51'10") begins with an ever growing cloud of dull white noise. This seems simple enough but somehow Aairria (Marcin Drabot), using just this basic sound, manages to move the listener fully into another space. As other more distinctive elements are introduced the listener can almost feel the fog, dim and damp of this vivid elsewhere. We feel somewhere within a populated area but not connected to it in the least. With its crackling voice clips and cityscape field recordings mingling with breathing synthesized tones and slowly swishing modulations Urbanisation conjures a detailed sound portrait of a nighttime city.
Moving between moods and zones of somber isolation and gritty ambience to enlivening grooves and gentle beats Aairria guides us through one fascinating scene to another - the digital glow fading into an inky ambient night, then on up to the pulsing and pumping run of thumping bass and popping sequencer patterns. The kinetic sections focus less on invigorating the body than on quieting the mind.

On Urbanisation Aairria casts such a strong spell that it may seem as if the world outside has ceased to exist.

2011. Chuck van Zyl / Star's End Aairria (whose motto I read is the insignificance of time) is a project by the Polish ambient musician Marcin Drabot. He already put out several minimal and long form releases through various Internet labels using multiple aliases. "Urbanisation" was previously available through his own Rain net label, but now has received a proper cd-release due to the efforts of the Polish label.

The long form music of "Urbanisation" (which was recorded in 2003) comes in five uninterrupted parts, and is an overall atmospheric and imaginary electronic work. There are lots of grainy organic elements, effects and clicks floating around in the immerse soundscape along some slow, groovy movements and beats.
They all lend the outcome a strong organic but also otherworldly, desolate and hypnotizing feel. The latter is even emphasized by the spacious environmental and occasional spoken phrases. "Part III", the shortest one on the cd, is the only one I don't like due to its strong experimental and noisy nature.

Summarizing: fans of environmental and inventive ambient music should check out the mesmerizing sonic worlds of the excellent produced environmental cityscape-soundtrack "Urbanisation".

2010. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion Recurring waves of slow, glowing ambience, then first rhythmic accents appear, and then a calm ostinato, a bit similar to the eclectic ones conjured up by the Asana-musicians... this is how the album begins. The musical journey will get more surprising with each step. The Listener may enjoy visiting growing cities, as if taken from a strange geometrical dream. Elements of quite original sequential electronica intermingle with click-ambient and even environmental!... Yes indeed, some passages included here recall a daring version of Vangelis` "The City" pure environmental cityscape-soundtracks, and yet there`s far more from Charles Uzzell-Edwards than Vangelis here (!!!) - see, for example, civilization-sounds-bridge leading from the first composition on the album to the following one.

The first 27 minutes of the CD is not only a good portion of ingenious background music; each further listening makes the Listener feel better in the bubbling ambient bath, abstract and yet very urban indeed. The third impression is a bit more compressed and contains a more rhythmic part, still, this music is very fresh and hard to classify; pay attention to fantastic twists, scratches and metallic sweeps a la Atom TM. Well, this is probably the most "faxy" album released in the label... but don`t worry, all you traditional-electronica-lovers out there, the fourth track provides you with a sequence which really does sound as if it were a "Frankfurt rework" of "Magnetic Fields, Part III" by Jean-Michel Jarre... But, all in all, even here the music flows and glows in a nicely abstract way in an organic cloud of fascinating, ever-changing city voices. The final track reminded me of some great click-ambient productions from the StadtGruenLabel, as well as of Hazard`s "Land" and "urban installations" by Tetsu Inoue. Here we have a portion of patterns known from the first half of the album, but they appear in an entirely different context with a little help of low-vibrating, meditative chords.

"Urbanisation" is a wonderful, very "holographic" album, there are plenty of dimensions and environmental questionmarks here; the music presented by Aairria is not only a perfect background illustration, but also a delicious main dish for each ambient-cookbook-enthusiast. Strongly recommended.

2010. Igor Wróblewski