1. Art and Science [4:53] MP3 soundclip of Art and science [3:00]
  2. Aria mir fulce [3:30]
  3. Perspectograph [4:56]
  4. Sectio Aurea [3:40]
  5. May 2, Amboise [2:51]
  6. Study of prportions [4:21]
  7. Les machines de Leonard [8:19]
  8. Parabolic mirrors [3:23]
  9. Self-portrait [1:29]
  10. Pour Anne [2:06]
  11. Stella Maris [2:22]
  12. John [0:59]
  13. Anonymous [7:59]
  14. Autumn in Florence [3:43]
  15. The ornithopter [4:38]
  16. Ecce Deus, Ecce Homo [7:15]
Recorded at Emmanuel Goldstein Studios, Barcelona 2004, Spain
Arranged and produced by Sam Vitoulis
Composed and performed by Sam Vitoulis and Sergio Koval

Sam Vitoulis - electronics, piano Petroff, percussion
Serge Koval - electronics
Alex Warner - voice
Nuria Hijazo, Gemma Prat, Salvador Coll, Oscar Climent and The Symphony Of Voices "Spectrasonics" - Choral voices

Over Twelve months in the making, Leonard combines qualities of the work of both Koval and Vitoulis, who make music in the legacy of synthesizer artists of the 70's such as Tangerine Dream, Michael Hoenig, Vangelis, etc., while pushing out into territory previously unfamiliar to both.
Leonard is a collection of 16 epic, open and spacies tracks. Combining the classic patters and timbres of modular analog synthesizers with the latest digital devices, Koval and Vitoulis explored a murky, moody domain evocative of both the interstellar void and the infinitely more mysterious expanses of myth and the mind.
Amazing sequences orchestrations and choral arrangements, high-class melodies and the intemporal flavour of vintage synthesizers (Yamaha CS-80, Moog, Mellotron)

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