1. Fracture MP3 soundclip of Fracture [1:46]
  2. Departed
  3. Slipstream MP3 soundclip of Slipstream [1:37]
  4. Friction
  5. Rapture MP3 soundclip of Rapture [1:47]
The album will be premiered by ARC at their forthcoming appearance at the E-Live 2007 electronic music festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands on Saturday, October 13th 2007.

Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve have been at the centre of the UK Electronic Music scene since the late seventies and have known each other since they both appeared at the very first UK Electronica festival in 1983. They've both enjoyed considerable success in releasing a succession of solo albums. However it wasn't until 1998 that they first collaborated under the ARC banner for their first CD release, "Octane". "Fracture" is ARC's fifth album release and it features their fabled retro style sequencing, courtesy of Shreeve's giant Moog modular system, coupled with a heady mix of quirky melodic lines and spacy atmospheres.
The album is wholly instrumental and the first four tracks constantly morph and evolve with a set of chilled out grooves and sublime melodic themes.
The fifth track, "Rapture", is an epic in every sense. Nearly 23 minutes in length it features a central, pounding sequencer riff section cocooned within truly awe inspiring deep space ambiences for a truly memorable track.

Press Information Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve strike again! This ARC album is by far their most sonically sophisticated. Both light and dark melodic themes blend exotically with slow undulating, dense ambient layers of sound and incredible diverse sequential riffs. The result is totally modern EM at it’s most creative.

Archie Patterson This CD by Arc is an excellent work in electronic music at the purest cosmic style. Ian Boddy (synthesizers, electric piano and software) and Mark Shreeve (analog sequencing and synthesizers) combine their respective artistic influences very well, thus achieving that their music possesses a personality capable of attracting the attention of the listener at once.

Ethereal sounds, spectacular, soft melodies and gliding sequences, envelop one by one all the themes of the album. The majesty of the music and its symphonies make of the listening of this album a complete experience.

Edgar Kogler Mark Shreeve and Ian Boddy return with Fracture, five new tracks that continue to push the boundaries of instrumental rock and ambient electronica.

The title track is a perfect example of accessible melodic EM that defies easy categorization. Scorching guitar-like synths, punchy clipped snarls of bass, soaring pads, and assorted samples and odd noises are fused together into something greater than the sum of the seemingly disparate parts.
A slowly grooving bass line and moody atmospherics on "Departed" bring the classic ARC sound to bear, shuffling along just so, courtesy of Nigel Mullaney’s percussion loops. It takes a melodramatic turn in the middle that is classic Shreeve with that big sound of his. Crystalline tones add warmth and depth near the end, with beautiful shadings of color and light.
"Slipstream," on the other hand, finds a comfortable zone from the get-go and just runs with it, or rather jogs, not too fast or too slow.
"Friction" is a cool little funky number, lollygagging at first, but then an offbeat sequence jumps into the mix.
This brings us to the 22-minute epic "Rapture." Otherworldly haunting synths start things off for several minutes, before classic retro sequencing arrives. Eventually it all fades into ethereal dark tones at the end.

Good stuff.

2008. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space A really deep menacing but contemporary sounding rhythm provides an impressive start to the title track. There is a snarl to proceedings full of menace. A superb melodic sequence bounces forward, forming quite a contrast to the earth shaking syncopations. Things subside for a moment but the bass rumbles soon return, this time accompanied by a slow but stunningly effective water droplet lead. Shuddering rhythms reappear juxtapositioned by the most sublime of melodies. The level of sound manipulation and production on this track is just awesome.
More wonderful sounding sequences weave around each other from the very first moment of ‘Departed’. A haunting lead line floats above the pulsations like some lost soul. Another lead conjures a feeling of longing. As with the first track it’s the way that the melodies combine with the rhythms that is so impressive, both elements exquisite in their own right. Then quite unexpectedly the rhythms depart for a piano solo before the intensity builds once more to epic proportions. It’s the sort of music that would accompany some triumphant conclusion to an intense film. The film would have to be one Hell of a classic to justify music of this standard however.
‘Slipstream’ uses deep sonic stabs and string pads to create quite a melancholy atmosphere through which another bass laden sequence (fans of their last album should love this) rumbles forward. Another sequence, much brighter that the first is deployed then a playful organ lead. The sequences morph and combine in differing patterns whilst fresh leads come and go so that the mind is kept in a state of wonder. Sometimes it all seems quite mellow and then at others, when the growling sequence snarls to the surface, we are treated to that everpresent darker edge.
‘Friction’ takes the standard of production to even greater levels, the pulsations so bass laden that they are felt as much as heard- then in come layer after layer of melodic but intense sequences. This is really in your face stuff. As is becoming quite a trademark of this album the lead line is simply stunning but also a softening element to the mayhem.
The final track, the twenty-two minute ‘Rapture’ is well named, as it will have fans of ‘Arcturus’ in Berlin School bliss. We commence with atmospheric swirling sounds with quite ominous undertones. These take over the mind providing a sort of uneasy peace until we are brought back to wakefulness with strange animal noises. A storm starts to brew and the biggest beast of a sequence on the album so far (and that is really saying something) is unleashed. A lead skips over the top, and excellent it is too, but it is that sequence that will grab you most, getting the whole body moving to its irresistible power which grows and grows - turn that volume right up and really let yourself go! We return to fantastic moody atmospherics to finish.

Absolutely awesome!

DL Presentado por DiN, el sello fundado por Ian Boddy, vuelve ARC, es decir, el propio Ian Boddy junto con Mark Shreeve en un nuevo y espectacular trabajo titulado "Fracture".
Estos dos grandes de la música electrónica, padres de la llamada escuela británica, vuelven a unirse en una nueva entrega del proyecto ARC para seguir deleitandonos con sus secuencias, con sus ritmos, con sus melodías, con su forma de interpretar la música.

Cinco temas comenzando por un espectacular "Fracture" que además le da nombre al disco, un tema lleno de secuencias y melodías, de esos con los que disfrutamos los amantes de la Escuela británica, para terminar en "Rapture", un tema de casi 23 minutos de duracción, con un comienzo muy ambiental para poco a poco ir desarrollando con la aportación de nuevos ritmos y secuencias para rematar de nuevo en mundo ambiental.

ARC, un proyecto que todos los amantes de la buena música electrónica debemos de tener en cuenta, "Fracture", un disco para disfrutar y "fracturar" la monotía diaria. La música electrónica sigue viva, discos como este lo demuestran.

Ultima Fronteira This release from 2007 offers 53 minutes of thrilling electronic music.
Arc is: Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve. Both are accomplished veterans of the electronic genre; together they achieve dazzling new sonic heights. Nigel Mullaney contributes percussion loops for one piece.

A plethora of vibrant electronics provide an exciting palette of thrilling sounds. Haunting tonalities provide an astral panorama that acts as an excellent foundation for additional riffs to flourish. Fresh aspects appear with reliable resolve, continuing to increase each tune's vigorous rapture.
Agile keyboards generate a host of mesmerizing riffs. Sharply crafted sounds enter the mix on a regular basis, maintaining the music's enthralling character. These share the stage with tried-and-true classic stylings, creating a wondrous balance of familiarity and innovation.
Percussion is approximated through the use of cyclic artificial sounds. Gritty buzzes become alluring tempos that goad the tunes into sultry states of activity. The CD's last track is a 23 minute opus of ethereal beauty. A nebulous opening leads to deeper voids replete with awe-inspiring atmospherics. This harmonic flow dives into a passage of expansive intensity seasoned with emphatic sequencing that builds to excruciating bliss with a high-velocity riff of sparkling definition. A coda of gentility serves as a majestic finale.

These compositions deliver unpretentious delight with their sprightly delivery. Bewitching chords are harnessed into fascinating patterns that continually evolve and diverge into pleasantly unexpected variations.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity