1. Rings Around The Moon - Part 1 [5:29] MP3 soundclip of Rings around the moon [0:59]
  2. Quantizing The Moon [2:11]
  3. Oh Happy Moon [4:22]
  4. Majestic Moon [4:52]
  5. Reflective Moon [3:40]
  6. Eclipsing Moon [1:00]
  7. Pastoral Moon [4:23]
  8. Full Moon [2:40]
  9. Pensive Moon [8:22]
  10. Mystic Moon [7:59]
  11. Waltzing The Moon [2:45]
  12. Spring Moon [2:48]
  13. New Moon [3:50]
  14. Rings Around The Moon - Part II [7:42]
Moon - A contrasting collection of musical works ranging from cosmic, through meditative to absolute elation! The full title of this CD is Themes, Variations and Rings Around the Moon, and this was my introduction to John Kerr's music. I was very impressed, to the point that after hearing a few more of his albums I'd say he's one of the most gifted musicians I've come across. Like some of his other releases of the last few years this one contains a mixture of melodic pieces and spacemusic.
John Kerr has a distinctive style whereby his melodic pieces tend to be played on piano accompanied by synths, and sometimes his hallmark choral effects. He has a real knack for coming up with melodies which are obviously heartfelt and have an emotional feel to them. In my experience that's something which doesn't happen often, at least to this degree, in the world of instrumental music.
The spacemusic pieces are also very good. The track Pensive Moon is an obvious one in this category, with just over eight minutes of flowing atmospheric music which the title would lead one to expect. The mood of the CD varies from uplifting melodic and rhythmic pieces like Oh Happy Moon which ends sounding like a fanfare, to the wistful and thoughtful on tracks such as Reflective Moon and Pensive Moon.
If you haven't yet discovered John Kerr's music then Moon is a great starting point.

Dene Bebbington / Ambient Visions