1. Dawn Chorus
  2. Whistle Train
  3. Pegasus
  4. Vela-X Pulsar
  5. Adagio Of The Sky
  6. Cosmic Chorale
  7. Vocalise
  8. Canon Of Three Stars
Isao Tomita & The Plasma Symphony Orchestra

At dawn when everyone is fast asleep and everything is still innumerable corpuscles come from faraway stars in the cosmos or from the sun. When they enter the magnetosphere of the earth, the strange music like birds' twittering begins. Astronomers call it "DAWN CHORUS".
But it lasts only for a brief moment, and fades out, as the sun rises. As the sound recorded at the Radio Observatory in Hiraiso, Ibaragi Pref., was excellent and audible in the original form, it was used at the beginning of this album without any modifications.
This is Tomita's ninth album after two and a half years of silence. Based on popular pieces of Baroque and masterpieces of Villa-Lobos, a great Brazilian composer, this album was made from materials including waves from various stars in the cosmos like light curves supplied with kind cooperation of NASA, Tokyo Astronomical Observatory, Institute of Space & Astronautical Science and Nobeyama Radio Observatory.
Listen and enjoy the feeling of spacewalk. For the sound sources used in orchestrating this record, Mr. Tomita has converted the wave forms of electromagnetic emanations from various stars and constellations into equivalent audio waves. These were then used as indicated below to form the various sounds of the sections in his orchestra.
These celestial waveforms were entered into the memory of his computer by which they were manipulated in pitch and intensity and were combined to form the various sonic textures found on this recording.

For their cooperation in preparing the sonic materials he used in creating this recording, Mr. Tomita is indebted to Dr. Masaki Morimoto, an astronomer at the Radio Observatory of Nobeyama; Dr. Tatsuzo Obayashi of the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science and the Radio Observatory in Hiraiso, Ibaragi Pref.; Prof. Jun Jugaku of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory, and astronomers Dr. Carl Sagan and Dr. Frederic Scarf of the United States.

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