1. Stoneyard
  2. Silver Siren
  3. Beauty of the blast
  4. Dream Sculpture
  5. Last trumpet on 23rd street
  6. Art of destruction
  7. Forced to surrender
  8. Timesquare (N.Y. Brix Mix)
  9. Jungle Journey (Bond of ages Mix)
Edgar Froese - keyboards, mixing, producer
Jerome Froese - keyboards

TD is very well known for their unusual scores they did for a lot of Hollywood movies. Here is their newest project, a great sound sculpture to a documentary about the blast of huge buildings around the world. "What a blast" is a really great experience in both ways... music and pictures. What a Blast: Architecture in Motion is another soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. It is for a documentary film of the same name.

The film is about razing buildings and the power of explosions and implosions. Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese have created an appropriately dramatic and active soundscape to accompany the images and to create imagery. This is energetic Berlin school e-music.

For fans of that style, this is a good disc. For casual fans, Tangerine Dream has done much better.

Jim Brenholts / All Music Guide