1. Paradise Lost [16:12]
  2. Witche's Trance [17:28] MP3 soundclip of Witche`s trance [3:00]
  3. Armageddon [10:57]
  4. Darklight [11:08] MP3 soundclip of Darklight [3:00]
  5. Chamane [22:05]
Written and played by Awen Paradise Lost : At the beginning, a very bass sound with vintage effects. A chorus emerges and sings while the background morphs and turns to treble… and also mystical.

Witche’s Trance : A simple sequence on delicious backgrounds with Rubycon like voices among other things… and then you really enter a recurring battle atmosphere.

Armageddon : Again, a very dark atmosphere begins the track and then an organ chorus sings his mystical verse upon dancing entities.

Dark Light : After a Stearnian landing, you’ll hear hell’s bells and then the complaint to the devil.

Chamane : The chamane is the person able to communicate with the invisible, with the nature… this last picture music track plunges you into this world… until the last minutes for when the chamane reaches his aim, he has become light- in another Roachi-Stearnian chord sequence.

2007. Fred / France