1. Two Bunch Palms
  2. Dolls In The Shadow
  3. Treasure Of Innocence
  4. Oriental Haze
  5. Graffiti Street
  6. Backstreet Hero
  7. Phaedra
  8. Love On A Real Train
  9. Hamlet
  10. Purple Haze
  11. Logos
Edgar Froese - keyboards & guitar
Jerome Froese - keyboards & guitar
Zlatko Perica - guitar
Linda Spa - keyboards & saxophone

Founded in 1967, Tangerine Dream made huge steps in the world of atmospheric new age music. Through several lineup changes over the course of their career, Germany’s Tangerine Dream managed to garner 7 Grammy nominations and influence the wave of electronic and dance artists over the past decade.
"Live in America 1992" was shot while supporting the then-recently released "Rockoon" album.

This DVD+CD set was filmed and recorded at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on October 25,1992 during the Rockoon tour. The show mixes classics such as Phaedra and Logos with tracks from their nineties albums and an astonishing version of Hendrixs Purple Haze.

The DVD features the live concert intercut with behind the scenes footage and the films and graphics used as backstage projections during the show to dramatic effect.
The concert film is directed by Michael Boydstun.

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