1. 11:11 [18:52] MP3 soundclip of 11:11 [3:00]
  2. Mycerinus [8:12]
  3. The Open Doorway [19:24]
  4. A-Ta-Sa-Ra [8:31]

    Bonus tracks:
  5. Tak Ze [12:34]
  6. Loka [11:00]
Produced in 1992 at Brachelshof Studio, Germany.
All music composed and performed by Christoph Hausmann and Martin Stark

Enthusiasts of spherical music get their money worth with the album „Projekt Erde". With over 70 minutes runtime per CD and songs with overlength, "Mysterious Vibration" and "11:11" are made for those who enjoy and accept an invitation to relax. Both responsible musicians and producers, Christoph Hausmann & Martin Stark, skillfully manage to add their own accents, and set a contrast to many pure relaxation-CD’s.
With recurring themes and almost tentatively placed ethno-accents each song sounds different and new. The beauty of our planet earth plays the main part. Each track is carried by relaxing harmonies and a unique warm sound, which many certainly missed since a long time. It seems as if every song would like to draw an other face of this, our world. Experience once more the original sounds from the beginning of the digital synthesizer-era in pure perfection.

The album has been remastered with high technical effort and the artwork has been replaced.

2007. Press Information Great space music for yoga or meditation.

2002. Octavee / USA Great music for meditation - takes you to parts of your brain rarely visited in the hubbub of every day life.

2002. Cathy Spinks / UK Beautiful music for accompanying massage, Indian Head Massage, and meditation..... I fall asleep to it every night

2002. Star / UK I'd heard this on Music From the Hearts of Space out of San Francisco over the radio several years ago.
I just came across it again. Yes, this is truly great music, well suited to drift into comfortable meditation by.
I heartily commend Christoph Hausmann and Martin Stark for their wonderful artistic sound-scape. Thanks guys.

2003. RHMD / Canada