1. World in Harmony [7:22]
  2. Aquatic Bird [8:27] MP3 soundclip of Aquatic Bird [3:01]
  3. Arctic Scenes [6:12]
  4. Planet Greenfield [8:28]
    1. Davids Piece
    2. Harmonic Spaces
    3. Planet Greenfield
  5. Recycled [4:03]
  6. The Tube [12:21]
    1. Relaxed Conversations
    2. On the Tube
    3. End of the Trip
    4. Time to Think
  7. Althorp Island [4:02]
  8. Sandswimmer [2:09]
  9. Australian Desert [9:17]
  10. Cavediver [12:06]
Liveform is a group of musicians that make synthesizermusic. The bandmembers are Menno Zielhorst, Richard Stuij and Arjan Steenbergen. The CD was completely recorded and mixed in their homestudio in Dordrecht.

The music of Liveform is inspired by nature and technology. The music contains warm strings, inspiring chord changes, floating sequences and intriguing nature sounds.

Years of listening to synthesizer- and new-age music resulted in a mixture of various styles, inspired by Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Ron Boots, Gandalf, Jonn Serrie, Jean Michel Jarre and many other fine artists.