1. I am the Earth's Mistress
  2. The Fate of Everything MP3 soundclip of Fate of everything [0:55]
  3. Surrounded by a Nimbus
  4. Ishtar Gate (Part 1)
  5. Ishtar Gate (Part 2)
This is a wonderfully dark, but at the same time beautiful album of ambient electronica. From the opening moments of "Earths Mistress" with its menacing John Carpenter style sequence, the listener is hooked.
Strangely ethereal and cosmic, this is music for dark nights with the lights dimmed; haunting and hauntingly beautiful, yet somehow menacing without ever being unsettling. Carlo Luzi's superb musical soundscapes walk the thin line between the creative genius of new music and genuinely superb creative atmospheric music without ever allowing the listeners attention to wander. Indeed, it's the ability of the composer to keep the listener transfixed that is the true testament to the music's brilliance.
"The Fate of Everything" and "Nimbus of Stars" are both excursions into atmospheric electronica, recalling early Tangerine Dream, while "Ishtar" parts one and two gently caress the senses with sounds and exquisite nuances that drift effortlessly by in classic ambient electronica style. Just like the superb "Sirens" album, Carlo's excellent guitar and percussion add a dimension to the music that lifts it way above similar music of the genre.
An absolute gem!

Press Information On "Ishtar" (the follow-up album to "Sirens") Carlo Luzi intended to deepen his search for the sound, getting closer to the essence and the core of sounds in a more minimalist style. On the concept, Carlo explained the dualist aspect continues as well: the beneficent goddess and terrifying demon at the same time, the expression of the life cycle, of the succession of the seasons on the Earth, the Great Mother and the Queen of the Underworld, the one who sent the dreams and omens, the revelation and understanding of things that are hidden.

The elegant flowing textural content of "Ishtar" at times comes close to the soft dwelling soundscapes which marked Steve Roach’s landmark recording "Dreamtime Return", especially when one listens to the 12-minute opening track "I am the Earth’s Mistress". The electronic sounds are nicely complemented by sounds of the sea and spacy guitar, giving the music a dreamy atmosphere. This is music moving in the slow lane, taking its time to venture into deeper sound worlds. On the second and third track, the gliding sound of the e-guitar is more prominent, but remains pleasant.
The album ends with "Ishtar Gate", split in two parts of 7 and 11 minutes. On these two great pieces, nicely layered velvet textures return, slowly cascading and shimmering in its dreamy content while some nice guitar pops up here and there. These pieces make me rank this album even higher than "Sirens".

All in all, these gentle, soft glowing and well rendered sound waves are recommended for ambient fans.

2010. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion