1. Little Blond In The Park Of Attractions (The Thai Dub) [7:17]
  2. Rough Embrace [5:30]
  3. Touchwood (The Forest Mix) [7:00]
  4. Jungle Journey (Reptile Mix) [6:20]
  5. Virtually Fields [6:50]
  6. Firetongues (The Break Freak Mix) [6:18]
  7. San Rocco [7:17]
  8. Catwalk (Dress Up Mix) [7:49] MP3 soundclip of Catwalk [3:00]
  9. Change Of The Gods [7:19]
  10. Bride In Cold Tears (The Motown Monk Mix) [5:31]
1-CD version on the Miramar label. With material mined from Tangerine Dream albums Tyranny of Beauty, Rockoon, and Turn of the Tides, The Dream Mixes twists Tangerine Dream's prog-era work into appealing shapes of pulsing dance music.
TD's warm, crisp electronic synth work fuses easily within a Techno framework and comes out sounding better than much of the music on those earlier albums.

Special cuts include those that capture TD's edgier work with sound clips, as in "Virtually Fields."
"San Rocco Catwalk" puts the sensuous, fat raindrops of TD synth over hard core beats that seize the body and send it into an all-night rave while "Change of the Gods" casts a sexy, dreamy spell with layered, percussive synth.

This album masterfully wraps the great electronic experiments of Tangerine Dream around a '90s Techno edge that'll leave your body yearning for more.

Karen Karleski