1. Catwalk
  2. Birdwatcher's Dream
  3. Little Blond In The Park Of Attractions
  4. Living In A Fountain Ren
  5. Stratosfear 95
  6. Bride In Cold Tears
  7. Haze Of Fame
  8. Tyranny Of Beauty
  9. Largo
    G.F. Handel
  10. Quasar
    Not listed on cover
This is the 1999 TDI version with new cover.

Remarkable is the fact that "Quasar" is not listed on the cover but is #10 on the CD. The track clocks at 3:46 which is 3 seconds more than the previous TOB version. Tyranny of Beauty belongs to the most uninteresting moment in Tangerine Dream history, at least in terms of what electronic music should sound about.
Like Rockoon or Turn of the Tides, Tyranny of Beauty's sound is marked by fast rhythms and various guitar and saxophone parts. But of all the mentioned albums, Tyranny of Beauty is perhaps the more unsuccessful of the three (even Turn of the Tides had some quality moments).

Don't get me wrong I like rock music apart electronic and ambient, and i don't expect T.D. doing Rubycon II or Phaedra II, that was a different band and those were different times, it's just that a band with the responsibility as this one when decides to do a different approach should go further and Tyranny of Beauty isn't just good enough for a band that helped to pen the term electronic music!

What is more annoying in the recording is that the few promising moments (mainly at the beginning of the tracks) are ruined by obtrusive guitar parts and sometimes by a sax solo (making the band sound like an 80's American radio band). The Handel theme is made with good taste and I find the horn arrangement interesting, Catwalk has some good moments too, but I'd rather listen to the original Stratosfear version than this new one.

T.D. newcomers and electronic music lovers should look elsewhere , an album for T.D. completists only!

2003. Manuel Brum / Portugal