1. Triumphant Return [10:10]
  2. Nebula Symphony [11:49]
  3. Sabrini's Escape [15:42]
  4. The Core's First Initiative [12:39]
  5. Kino's Piece [8:00]
  6. The Harc Lure [4:04]
  7. X Analog Overdose (The Novel)
CD & Graphic Novel to experience a complete saga set in a far-flung galaxy in the far future, where 20th Century electronic music has become a popular fad!

Many Berlin School EM fans are familiar with the ‘Analog Overdose’ sounds of Fanger & Schonwalder. Since the release of the ‘Ricochet Dream Analog Overdose’ edition 2CD set in celebration of the 5th Ricochet Gathering in Poland, here comes another dose on this label, but this time with a Novel about F&S written by the famous EM reviewer Matt Howarth. This novel comes on the CD in PDF format (some may be familiar with the novels / comics that included Conrad Schnitzler).

The music by Thomas Fanger and Mario Schonwalder perfectly captures the grandeur of interstellar space, with undulant pulsations and nimble-fingered chords. More than just inspired by the accompanying novel, the music represents actual electronic compositions that play a crucial role in the story.
The Applebaum Nebula is a breeding ground for interstellar vermin, which threaten the livelihood of nearby colony worlds. Elsewhere, a thief escapes from a penal moon with an unwanted alien companion, while ice miners go on strike over hazard benefits because the Oort cloud is infested with deadly monsters. How do all of these strange circumstances converge around the birth of a retro electronic music label? Intrigue and humour abound in Howarth’s thrilling science fiction novel with strong appeal to electronic music enthusiasts.

This release is limited to only 500 copies and comes in a Digi-Pak.

2013. Press Information