1. A New Start - [4:25]
  2. The loop - [4:36]
  3. Day 2 - [4:24]
  4. The Return - [8:57]
  5. Mirror - [4:59]
  6. The Art Gallery - [4:57]
  7. The Swarm - [4:45]
  8. Orage - [5:18]
  9. Desert Rain - [4:42]
  10. Meteor - [5:18]
PERU the story so far:

PERU may seem an odd name for a synthesizer music band, however, it is not named after the South American country as you may believe. In fact, the band name was formed by taking the two first letters of the founder members PEter Kommers and RUud van Es in 1979.

In 1981, they released their debut album ‘Macchu Picchu’ on which Rob Papen appeared as a guest musician. The first album was recorded live on a 2-track recorder. Macchu Picchu caught the attention of Dutch radio stations and a then a bit later on, Peter, Ruud, and Rob went on to form a 2nd group called Nova which then led to the number 1 hit ‘Aurora’ in the Netherlands and Belgium charts of April 1982. In the same year, they also produced the PERU ‘Constellations’ album which was recorded semi-live on 4-track in their own HNS Studio, situated in a little basement studio found in the heart of Dordrecht. By the year 1983, the album ‘Continents’ was written and recorded on an 8-track tape recorder in HNS studio.

The album ‘Points of the Compass’ followed in 1986 and was also recorded, and mixed in the HNS studio, but this time on a 24-track. Then the albums ‘Forlian’ in 1988 and ‘Moon 1991’ were recorded and included a new guest musician and composer ‘Jos van den Dungen’.

In 1988 PERU remixed their song ‘Africa’ from the 1983 album ‘Continents’ and released a 12-inch remix version of it. The remix of Africa went on to become a number 1 hit in Austria in the same year.

‘The Prophecies’ in 1993 was the last PERU album which was very different from all the other albums. But the story of PERU doesn’t end there….

Now 25 years later PERU’s new album ‘The Return’ is released!.

In 2015 the recording sessions started in earnest with Ruud and Rob at the helm and in contrast with the first PERU album which was played live using hardware on a 2-track tape recorder, this album has been fully produced using music software.

Enjoy the new PERU album! Rob & Ruud