1. The tree
  2. Transposing Mind
  3. The Tower
  4. One Day we will walk together
  5. Destination Unknown
The Tower Tree is a new project by the two belgium artists Owann (Johan De Paepe) and BySenses (Didier Dewachtere).

The first CD of the project is very complex. So it offers Berlin School sequences, some faster rhythms, ambient passages and mystical areas, from which sequences grow up. (Berlin School with psybient textures) Weird murmurs (African spectres?) which spin in a sound envelope full of quirky tones (rustles of leaves?) are swirling as being propelled by a sling shot. Reverberating waves infiltrate between the jets which revolve in loops here, creating an apocalyptic atmosphere where the rustles and the sectarian warbles dip us literally into a hostile universe. These 90 seconds which fill the introduction of "The Tree" are the witnesses of the sound aestheticism which surrounds “Transposing”; the very first album of The Tower Tree. And who is The Tower Tree? It is the union of two craftsmen of the Belgian EM scene; Didier Dewachtere (BySenses) and Johan de Paepe(Owann) who have teamed up within the framework of the last B-Wave Festival which took place in Limburg, Belgium, in last November. In solo, each artist had rather seduced the spheres of EM with fairly different albums where the influences of Klaus Schulze, BySenses for Frigments-Fragments, were stigmatized in an approach of psybient and down-tempo, and those of a Tangerine Dream swaying between the 70's and the 80's, Owann for Particles, were particularly soaked with a very oniric approach. Furthermore the tracks "Destination Unknown", although slightly different here, and "One Day we will Walk Together", are respectively taken from albums Frigments-Fragments and Particles. And considering the beauty of these albums, the expectations were rather high for these two friends who were very shy at the idea of participating to this festival. And in the end, “Transposing” turns out to be a strong opus where the minimalist structures are perfect gifts to a sonic enchantment which goes beyond our waits.

The delicacy of the sequences which skip in the carbonizing residues of these 90 seconds is quickly harpooned by a line of sneaky bass which floats as a shadow of rhythm in order to stimulate percussions of which the sharp rollings are structuring an up-tempo beat gesticulating with brief and dynamic jolts. "The Tree" shakes and spits a fluid rhythm in spite of the jerks and the incisive orchestral movements. Synth layers filled of poetry infiltrate this lively and hard tempo which remains all the same musically attractive. A structure of rhythm which subsides at the dawn of 3 minutes, just to bounce of more beautiful with organic tones which sparkle in the sharpness of the pulsations and the percussions of which the flow sounds weakly touches now like the one of a machine-gun spitting balls of h ip-hop and pieces of metallic elytrons. A second ambient passage, always so brief, brings this backbone of rhythm in a passage filled of psy-trance elements before it pops out again with an even more violence captured in synthesized perfumes which smell so like in the musical patterns of a certain Tangerine Dream. "The Tree" kicks off an album structured on a similar pattern where the beat is attacked by deep moods of an unreal universe of tones and sounds. An universe which will seduce you even more in the subsequent listening so much the wealth of its sound fauna is embroidered in originality and boldness. Like the signature of BySenses! After this spasmodic rhythm, the superb "Transposing Mind" transports us in the contemporary territories of Klaus Schulze. It's 18 minutes of pure exploratory happiness where the amplitude of tones is such as we have the feeling to discover new horizons to each new listening. Following a rather cerebral overture where the brain tries to discern a flora cultivated of noises and sound-effects which sparkle in the sound charms of wet pulsations, other more keen and more steady pulsations pierce a cloud of wandering voices filled by a bituminous fog. This first structure of minimalist rhythm is magnetizing and its hypnotic course is decorated with fineries which will seduce the most demanding swallowers of sounds in you. First of all, the reflection of the rhythm! Its shadow spits a kind genre of tribal gurgling which amplifies its relatively passive pace. It's lively! Enough to stimulate a kind of esoteric trance where the cosmos encloses this desire to burst. I can't help it, but I have this vague impression here to hear the rhythmic ancestor of Chronology Part 8, from Jarre, to say at least its primary skeleton. Chords are dragging adrift, weaving solos weakling of whom the melancholic approach is melting to these synth layers filled of faded murmurs and of cosmic effects. This structure is so intrusive that we notice hardly the crescendo that militarizes it at the end of 10 minutes. Slow riffs gallops now on an ambient passage, with a rather industrial perfume in the tones, where the psybient of BySenses bickers with the lyric of Owann. The synth layers, and these choruses that they spit, throw here a vampiric atmosphere which is similar to Schulze's post In Blue. Or still to these nightmarish waves of Remy. And this crescendo! It overflows its axis with organic tones which amplify an approach either tribal or esoteric, like a Roach taken in a gearing of sequences of the Jerome Froese years in Tangerine Dream. This is very good. And "The Tower" is not outdone! Sequences tinkle in fogs of voices and in layers to the colors of aridity. The lively and undulatory movement sees getting grafted by ectoplasmic murmurs, of shadows of bass and of silky orchestrations. And when I search my memory, my library of sounds and music, I hear here the premise of Melt by Leftfield. After a short ambiospherical passage, the orchestral synth layers propel again the rhythmic structure of "The Tower" in a spasmodic approach, on the other hand lighter than that of "The Tree", where the sequences answer their echoes. Forging than a kind of electronic hymn closer to the lands of Electronica with an effect of stop'n'go where the heavy layers of synth eventually wrap "The Tower" in an ambient phase. There is little to add about "Destination Unknown" and "One Day we will Walk Together" except that these two tracks show that in duet The Tower Tree transcends their respective styles. And that “Transposing” is the outcome of two musicians who decided to leave their imprints in this wonderful universe that is EM. Superbly delicious and highly musical, it exceeds my expectations from the beginning to the end!

2016. Sylvain Lupari Before me lies “Transposing”, the first album of the new group The Tower Tree‘. A classic jewel case, with cover design by Alain Kinet, and mastered by Dries De Vreeze. The Tower Tree presented this album live at the B – Wave festival in a great show of light music and video. The Tower Tree are Didier Dewachtere aka BySenses and Johan De Paepe aka Owan. The videos by Alain Kinet are not just supportive to the music, they were part of the adventure through time and imagination painted upon the canvas of the listener/ Experiencer.

What instantly grabbed me as the listener, is the strange voices in the intro. They tell of a tale I could not understand – yet. But they lead me by the hand into the undiscovered world under The Tree. Immediately when I stepped into that realm , some very nice sequences and an upbeat exotic drum surprised me. There is a certain dance in the flow of the composition, it swirls – it leaves you and it comes back to you. Never boring, this piece will certainly unveil new mysteries each time heard. A word that you will keep seeing me using: ‘ Organic’. This is living music.

After the wild adventure beyond The Tree, I find myself in calmer waters in Transposing Mind. Again, a fabulous intro that tickle the imagination. This piece is also the longest track of the album. A dark mixture of whispers and choirs lure you to darker surroundings you wouldn’t dare to enter on your own: the mind… Slowly but steadily build towards an immense and vast wall of sound. A swampy rhytm keeps you up to pace with the melodies. This piece is in conversation with the listener; it holds a tale, but your mind is the narrator. Let me try to capture the feeling this track bestows: Beige and saffron colours under a burning sun, smell of exotic spices like cinnamon and cardamom, pal trees far away. But be aware – there is a turning point. Suddenly it all doesn’t seem so romantic anymore. Though the melody stays the same, the music gets spikes, there is a shadow interwoven. All an all, this track doesn’t sound artificial – it doesn’t even feel electronic. It feels Organic, breathing, it left me with questions: ‘Where am I..? Who am I..?? Am I ..??

Puzzled back into perspective by the next track, the more lucid sequences weave another pattern. There is a careful use of echo here – subtile, but very unique. The thythm is notoriously inviting. It hints threats, and indeed – The Tower Tree is again building something colossal here. There is no escape, you’re trapped by rock hard sequences and (I’m running out of superlatives) humongous pads ! And yet when I think this is just a transition, they turn this huge sound wal l into a lasting track. And yes !! it tastes like more. Just when I think the track can’t get any more ruthless, it pulls another trick, by retreating and leaving me standing there. As luck would have it I find comfort in the smoothing ambient strings that weave the outro.

I think this track could have been born in a cathedral. There is choir – like pads, and the very melodious chords have a certain mystical glow over them. It is a beautiful composition in the true meaning of that word (Latin: con = together; ponere = to place) Very unlike the other tracks, but in every aspect at least equally great. The track can also be found on Owann’s album ‘Particles’

Destination Unknown, this track is the very first collaboration between BySenses and Owann under the name “The Tower Tree” and ended up the BySenses album ‘Frigments Fragments’ ( 2014 ) because at that time there were no plans for making a Tower tree album Indeed, this is an adaptation for live performance which resulted in a slightly shorter but overall thicker, greater, more evolved musical experience. The Tower Tree revisited this music in their typical way. The made it even more organic (yes, there is that word again!) than it already was. The intro is very orchestral and with a firm voice demands to be a soundtrack (which, thanks to Alain Kinet, it eventually became). A very, very s trong sequence enters. Razor strings that could cut steel fill up into a harmonic building up to a moment where modulation starts. All of a sudden the music chills down, masked in little schoolgirl – like behavior. When you least expect it – it returns, but not in full force like what I braced for. There are various aspects in this track, and they come and they go – but they all typically describe the feeling of the title “where are we going?”.. Destination Unknown. It is the task of the listener to find that out – and upon each listen, more possible destinations become visible.

Conclusion, by far, I cannot but conclude that this debut album of The Tower Tree is an unfathomable deep and rich story of a complete newly created world. Opening the jewel case is like opening a gem box; in it lie 5 shiny colourful gems each with their own history, present and future. And what’s more: they’re breathing, pulsating with a heart- beat, and yearning to tell their stories. I sincerely hope to hear more of this soon, but I can imagine that Johan and Didier have put the threshold way up high now. It will be hard to top that masterpiece.

2016. Joost Egelie The Tower Tree est un duo associant BySenses (Didier Dewachtere) et Owann (Johan de Paepe), deux musiciens belges ayant trempé leur talent et leurs synthés dans les brumes étranges et fascinantes de la Berlin School initiée par Tangerine Dream et Klaus Schulze dans les années 70. L'album solo que chacun a sorti, Frigments/Fragments pour BySenses et Particles pour Owann, prouve qu'individuellement ils sont déjà de dignes continuateurs des artisans de Phaedra, Ricochet, Timewind et Mirage. Une grande recherche dans leurs sons, tous très beaux, des séquences à la fois fluides et puissantes, des nappes stratosphériques et des envolées de mellotron, tout y est parfaitement maîtrisé, grandiose et envoûtant, onirique et magnifique. Associés, leur musique n'est pas différente quant au style, elle est juste plus réfléchie, plus profonde. Les morceaux sont plus longs aussi, plus construits, plus co mplexes. C'est le propre des duos que de transcender leurs membres, et The Tower Tree ne fait pas exception à cette règle d'or. C'est ainsi que Transposing propose cinq voyages sans réelle destination, juste pour le plaisir du périple sonique, souvent fort mélodique, d'autres fois transharmonique, mais toujours bâti sur l'alliance des qualités musicales des deux musiciens et la fusion alchimique de leurs personnalités.

2016. Frederic Gerchambau / Claire & Obscure Zeer krachtvolle en sferische muziek. Bevalt me zeer goed. Dit album zal wel niet meer lang in mijn verzameling ontbreken. 2016. Andree / Duitsland I only can say It's great music, so I can recommand it!

2015. Percy Flint