1. Valley of Hope [10:11]
  2. Through the Rain [7:40]
  3. No Replies [6:46] MP3 soundclip of No replies [1:00]
  4. Tudor Rose [11:08] MP3 soundclip of Tudor rose [1:00]
  5. Eagle [8:33] MP3 soundclip of Eagle [1:00]
  6. Lost [6:21]
  7. Summer [5:43]
  8. Values [7:52]
His 3th solo CD after his break with Wavestar.

The third solo release from 1994 on Surreal to Real; a very ‘personal’ album this time from JD featuring his much-loved friend Joe Hallam speaking some beautiful words by Donald F. Sainsbury on one track ‘Values’, which sums up JD’s outlook somewhat, we’d like to believe. Hints of his time with Wavestar are also to be found along with some more refreshing ideas for his talents.

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