1. Space [15:55]
  2. Time [21:37]
Recorded August 1972, Bern/Switzerland

Timothy Leary, Brian Barritt, Liz Elliot, and Bettina Hohls - voices
Michael Duwe - voice, flute
Portia Nkomo - voice dubbed during the mix
Manuel Göttsching - guitar, electronics
Hartmut Enke - bass, guitar, electronics
Steve Schroeder - organ, electronics
Dietmar Burmeister - drums
Tommy Engel - drums dubbed during the mix
Klaus D. Mueller - tambourine
Dieter Dierks - synthesizer dubbed during the mix The first classic album produced by R.U Kaiser for the Cosmic Couriers label. 'Seven up' is a medley of parodical free form rock with spacey electronic arrangements (Space) and floating psych instrumental soundscape (Time). Timothy Leary who was among others the Guru of the psychedelic philosophy added vocals parts and recitations, particularly in the first tune.
Extremely rough and trippy this album is historically a must for those who are in psych rock and early days of German intergalactic music.

2004. Philippe / France