1. First Passage [14:08] MP3 soundclip of First passage [1:00]
  2. Second Passage [1:16]
  3. Third Passage [15:31]
  4. Forth Passage [2:36] MP3 soundclip of Fourth passage [3:00]
  5. Fifth Passage [13:36] MP3 soundclip of Fifth passage [3:00]
  6. Sixth Passage [1:08]
  7. Seventh Passage [15:56]
Recorded at Kiagshoh Studio and the Nanovision Studio between April and November 2009

Tony Andersen - Keyboard, Sounds
Kent Eskildsen - Keyboard, Sounds

The members of Timescape are the two Danes Tony Andersen and Kent Eskildsen who have been working together since 1996. Tony and Kent each have a recording studio, the Nanovision Studio and the Klangshoej Studio, where they record both own work and other artists.
Tony and Kent plays a wide range of instruments Keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, flutes and vocoders and they have a long experience with modern recording technology. Their music explores all kinds of electronic genres - often with a laid back attitude. It is mostly instrumental, but recently they have also teamed up with vocalist Tina S. Johansen, who co-wrote a few tracks on the CD "Travelling light" and also appears as singer on this album and some future releases.
The music of Timescape has been compared to acts like, Aural Float, Jens Buchert, Guardner, Tangerine Dream, J.M.Jarre and the well-know Danish musician and DJ, Trentemoeller, but Timescape has their own and very distinctive sound.
Using different names, they have released music on more than 15 CDs, made a few soundtracks and have been involved in other musical collaborations. One of the most prominent is "Navigator" with German keyboard player Jens Peschke. The music of Navigator can remind you of Berlin School artists like Tangerine Dream.
Timescape has also been taking their music on the road and played from very small and intimate DJ sets at clubs to larger shows with additional musicians, dancers, computer graphics, laser and video projections.

Press Information The interior human landscape was once solely the province of literature. These days this realm is shared with artists in electronic sound. A distinctive group of musicians are realizing works that inhabit the mind as fully as, but somewhat differently than, writers have in the past. Equal to the likes of Rudy Adrian, Kevin Kendle, Craig Padilla, Palancar and Jonn Serrie is the duo Timescape. Their CD Passage of Time (64'21") moves wonderfully between the gently harmonious and atmospheric atonality. An ethereal slow dance of tones, this album portrays an infinite sense of something unfolding. Timescape (Tony Andersen & Kent Eskildsen) crafts an intriguing still subtle space that is sustained over a significant amount of time.

The effect is wonderful for the listener - as we slowly sweep across a vast panorama of spacey sounds, growling drones and breathing synthetic chords. The opening strains of Passage of Time is dominated by an ethereal Mellotron choir - which melts away into a rolling expanse of organ tones mixed with wispy cosmic swirls of sound. Dramatic and layered this music sustains its moods and states before gently moving between them - drawing us easily into its center.

Passage of Time casts such a strong spell that it feels as if the world outside has ceased to exist - as we drift on an invisible sea of ideas.

2010. Chuck van Zyl / Star's End