1. Phoenix [2:41]
  2. Aum [2:08]
  3. Soham [4:52] MP3 soundclip of Soham [0:30]
  4. Offener Himmel 1/Gleichzeitig [5:37]
  5. Offener Himmell 2 [2:29]
  6. Sattwa [1:34]
  7. Morning Glory [2:17]
  8. Soma [2:00]
  9. Surat Shabda [2:40]
  10. Abraxas [1:56]
  11. Susani [8:07]
  12. The Key [6:58]
All tracks written, produced and performed by Hari Deuter Wow. I have heard a LOT of kraut-rock in the past few years. Tons of Faust, Can, Amon Duul, Agitation Free, Ash Ra Temple, Neu, etc etc etc....and this album by a guy I'd never heard of stands up there at the very top of the pile.
He's often compared to Tangerine Dream, but I have yet to hear a TD album that makes my soul smile like this first album by Deuter. This is a wonderfully entertaining exploration of drones, swells, rhythms, and melodies. Deuter was clearly a student of Indian ragas, but he took that influence and mixed it with drug-tinged psychedelia and synthesizers to create a vibrant new hybrid.
If you're into kraut-rock, world music, ambient, and/or psychedelia, you need to get this album. Also highly recommended to fans of Acid Mothers Temple and the new psychedelia.....

2003. Paul J Escamilla