1. Monos [30:00]
  2. CHROOM [30:00]
1. This is my 5th album.
All music compositions: BySenses
When I was a small child, my educator told me that there are people who only like one colour. He gave it a name, but I only found out years later through a good friend. Monochromism. Finally, I was so happy that I made music about it.

For those who didn't knew: There is more than one colour in life, just open the book.

Equipment used on this album:
Quasimidi Rave O Lution 309, 2x Quasimidi Polymorph, Virus Acces B and Classic, Nordwave, Waldorf Quantum, Moog Sub 37, Korg MS20, Axiom, Ableton and my ever strong Studio Live 32 Presonus.
released January 8, 2022

Thank you Dries for mastering all those years.
Thank you Peter Moorkens for the guitars on CHROOM.
Thank you Alain Wymeels, Medician, for helping me out in this and the lay out.
Thank you Sarah and Frakke for being there in those first albums.
Thank you my son, for the technical support and the driving parts al over Belgium :)
Thank you my followers, for supporting my music.

Review of Side-Line Reviews:
Content: The work features 2 cuts, each 30 minutes. Both tracks have been meticulously built up and reveal an impressive sound arsenal. Taking off with Industrial sound treatments the work progressively evolves into a pure Ambient featuring dark, minimal Electronics, low bass lines and sequences reminding me of Tangerine Dream. The next cut reveals a similar evolution featuring swiping noises, hard, droning kicks and psychedelic guitar play by guest musician Peter Moorkens (Onsturicheit).
Conclusion: BySenses is confirmed to be one of the greatest Belgian talents in Electro-Ambient music. This artist definitely deserves more recognition for his work.

Review of DaMusic - Johan Giglot:
"A gigantic amount of sounds and tones find each other in this totality. You do not get a moment's rest or boredom, but constant stimulation of your own imagination. This is "music" with the M of mystery and the V of imagination..... And so you can imagine that BySenses can continue to reinvent itself for another ten chapters or so. Who knows, maybe even in a much larger concept that also binds future releases together " Says our man at DaMusic Johan Giglot who writes a nice review about my latest creation MonoCHROOM. Please read on, I feel honoured again. And someday, when we see each other once, I will definitely explain the thread MonoCHROOM, white black and colours to you

Thanks and enjoy reading