1. Pressure [9:42]
  2. Plasma [8:20]
  3. Tephra [4:16]
  4. Eruption [4:42]
  5. Inside Out [6:49]
  6. Fertile Soil [7:20]
  7. Exothermic Energy [7:47]
  8. Pyroclastic Flows [4:39]
After C'est Magique (Spheric Music 2020) we can enjoy new pyroclastic music streams. Robert Schroeder takes us on a trip through electronic soundscapes with deep atmospheres and great effect sounds. Sometimes we think: This is pure cosmos! Then we are in a bizarre sound world walking further into a harmonic melody part. Then it gets pulsating sequencer based with a hypnotic-spheric touch, finally leading into wonderful choir sounds. Exothermic Energy is a real highlight on this CD!
Once again this is a special album with exquisite sounds. Sometimes we have to think of Klaus Schulze when hearing this mysterious and hypnotic atmosphere.