1. Aurora [16:02]
  2. Mens demersa [28:10]
  3. Dubium [9:58]
'Aurora' begins with a powerful ambient tone and build up of dramatic effects. This suits the cover art perfectly! Majestic organ sounds and atmospherics create a soundscape that reminds me of a great storm passing through. This morphs and becomes more quiet, then a heavy drum-like bass beat starts up, and growing rhythmic sequencing develops, building a heavy but groovy brew. I am being hypnotised by this music that is slightly different in feel for Javi, and quite a good flow has already established and sequencing builds and excellent effects come and go. This really is great head nodding stuff indeed. Eventually it all dissolves like a mist and I imagine the storm has passed and we are left with a beautiful 'aurora' light show in the sky, giving hope for the future, to end. Wonderful piece!

'Mens Demersa' starts like I imagine being in a cavern. The ambient atmos' is quite spooky and builds slowly. I imagine being in an emotionally dark place, searching for the light. It all dissipates and a rhythmic echoing acoustic beat develops with accompanying effects, and a grand atmospheric organ sound joins in. This gradually builds and drawing me in as if an even bigger storm is stirring. The mood remains mysterious, then lightens briefly, then a huge atmospheric wave of emotional organ sounds wash over me like a tsunami at about 12 minutes! This eventually subsides as if leaving devastation behind and a rhythm builds with effects and sequencing starts to join with more effects being constantly added, getting more intense, and louder with added attitude and waves of emotion, and gets groovier by the minute! I imagine 'dark angels' have come to wreak havoc on this stormy world of ours. The playing is absolutely fantastic! This could be either sequencer heaven or hell, depending on your imagination. Eventually it all disappears into atmos' as if the sun has opened the storm clouds, shin i ng down with a feeling of relief that the angels have been banished to where they came from. Amazing!

'Dubium' begins atmospherically, feeling claustrophobic and ominous, then a rhythm builds and atmos' changes with a dramatic feel, then a rapid sequencing takes over as if being transported into the heavens above. I imagine flying through broken clouds and into an abyss.

'D-May' starts with an anomolly 'twin' click-click, a sign from God perhaps? Heavy atmospherics, dense and powerful build with growing strength, then a heavy bass beat and rhythm come to light and build up with atmos' effects. Flute sounding lead line and sequencing with quivering effects add to the mix, and builds further into quite a brew, flute returns along with effects and I imagine now being a sphinx flying across fields of daisies, poppies, and other flowers of all colours and shades of the rainbow spectrum, like an aurora spread across the landscape, reflecting the skies above during a magnetic heave nly display of lights! I feel energised and positive now the storm has passed, and as I listen, I feel the warmth of a bright summer's day.

Thank you Javi for this inspired album, it really is a pleasure to listen to your wonderful music!

I dedicate this review to the twins, 'Aurora-May' and 'Daisy-May'. God bless you both. xx

Geoffrey Mason / United Kingdom