1. Atem [20:24]
  2. Fauni Gena [10:45]
  3. Circulation of Events [5:49]
  4. Wahn [4:29]
Originally recorded at Dierks Studio, Cologne, Germany in 1973.
Digitally remastered by Thomas Heimann-Trosien (1995 Eastgate Studios, Vienna, Austria).
All music composed and played by Edgar Froese, Peter Baumann and Chris Franke.

Edgar Froese - mellotron, guitar, organ, voice.
Peter Baumann - organ, VCS3, synthesizer, piano.
Chris Franke - organ, VCS3, synthesizer, percussion and voice.
"Atem" was atmospherically much brighter in contrast to their previous album "Zeit". "Atem" (the German word for 'breath') is also one of my favourtite electronic albums from the 70's offering one of the true masterpeices from this genre. Froese, Baumann and Franke blend tons of analog synth and keyboard work to create an outerwordly 42 Minute daydream.
Progheads beware as this was the first time TD used the Mellotron on any album. I always thought that Breathe was a fitting title for this album, as it does literally carry the tonal ebbs and flows of the breathing reflex.

James Unger