1. Sea [3:16]
  2. Mosaic [4:34] MP3 soundclip of Mosaic [2:00]
  3. Eve [3:41]
  4. Anthem [3:19]
  5. Ur [7:43]
  6. Ice [2:32]
  7. Canyon [5:40]
  8. The Turn [5:23]
    1. Day End
    2. Moon
    3. Dawn
  9. Prelude [3:29] MP3 soundclip of Prelude [2:00]
  10. Meditating The Forest [15:45]
Produced by Erik Wøllo and co-produced by Karsten Brustad.
Recorded and mixed at Wintergarden Studio.
Except track 7 recorded and mixed at the Rainbow Studio and track 10 recorded at Karsten Brustad's private studio.
All music composed and performed by Karsten Brustad except the Alto saxophone on track 3 performed by Nils Jansen

Intarsia is a mosaique of sampled nature sounds and gentle, ambient electronic music, cleverly crafted by the hands of contemporary composer Karsten Brustad. Intarsia is both sound and silence.

Karsten Brustad (1959) studied classical guitar at the Eastern Norway Conservatory of Music under Geir-Otto Nilsson and prof. Sven Lundestad. As a composer he is mainly selftaught, but he has studied instrumentation with Ragnar Söderlind and has received instruction from professor Michael Jarrell at Hochschule for Musik und darstellende Kunst i Vienna, as well as Asbjørn Schaathun and prof. Olav Anton Thommessen at the Norwegian State Academy of Music.
Brustad has worked much with electronic instruments. He has composed a number of purely electronic works and used this medium in music for other kinds of art, such as pictures, exhibitions, TV, video and theatre. His interest e has been especially occupied with the integration of electronically and acousticially processed sound.
In 1999 Østfold Chamber Orchestra made a presentation tour with works exclusively by Brustad, among them three premieres. In addition he has been performed by Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Trondheim Chathedral Choir, London Guitartrio and various solo performers.
Brustad has received a number of scholarships and commissions. He is a member of the Society of Norwegian Composers and NOPA (Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists)

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