1. Spaceglow [11:00] MP3 soundclip of Spaceglow [0:50]
  2. Whales Planet [6:03]
  3. Dream On [9:23] MP3 soundclip of Dream On [0:44]
  4. Remember [6:13]
  5. Robot Dance [4:16]
  6. New Awakening [4:43]
  7. Dark Side [3:15]
  8. The Moon in Your Eyes [3:15] MP3 soundclip of The Moon in Your Eyes [0:29]
  9. Ocean Drive [4:12]
  10. Forgotten World [6:05] MP3 soundclip of Forgotten world [0:30]
Audiomixing and mastering by moonbooter at Skyflight Studio 2, Germany in September 2010
Written, performed arranged by Ronald Schmidt, Germany

Andy Murphy - e-guitars

Now with his third album Faber already dives into the deep reaches of space. He truly remains to his own style of melodic EM coupled with the softer elements of space rock. In between electric guitar solos by Andy Murphy sounded. But also cool-electronic staccato passages a la Commodore C-64 are present and strong melodies flavor the new album "Spaceglow" to a release of many varied faces.
Relaxation guaranteed. High spirits as well.

2010. Press Information