1. DNA [3:47]
  2. Legacy (A Tribute) [5:15]
  3. Life [4:05]
  4. Collision Course [8:37]
  5. Humanity [4:09]
  6. Biomechanics [6:06]
  7. Reflection [2:14]
  8. The Quest For Truth [6:01]
  9. Evolution [10:17]
The Amnis Initiative

The musical brand of Dutch composer Dennis Lodewijks. Dennis' background in electronic music and sound design dates back to the early nineties when he developed music and sound effects for computer games, leading to roles in surround sound effects design for industrial design exhibitions, sound production for various short films, soundscape composition projects for The Biggest Visual Powershow editions in Amsterdam and Solverein and the release of a number of succesful stock music recordings. He began releasing music to the public as The Amnis Initiative in 2009. Space Anthem Sail The Cosmic Ocean (2010) became a hit on YouTube with well over half a million plays and counting.


The new concept album explores the boundaries of what makes us who we are, where we are and where we want to go. Nine tracks of warm and engaging electronic music that blend the melodic qualities of the classics in the genre with the sonic qualities and ambient influences of a newer generation of synthesizer wizzards.