1. Binary Streams [7:53]
  2. Virtual Traps [11:06]
  3. Cybercrime [7:43]
  4. Web Faces [13:32]
  5. Digital Identities [6:48]
  6. Dangerous Clicks [10:10]
  7. The Berlin Code [8:31]
Robert Schroeder has always great sounds. Each of his last releases has an extraordinary space sound. As well this time this sound is combined with unusual impressive timbres. On Fata Morgana Robert takes us on a cosmic journey in the regions of illusions. We hear dreamy and supernormal sounds: sometimes chirping, sometimes imploding, sometimes bizarre, sometimes sensitive, sometimes sweeping. Choirs, percussive cymbals and toms, vocal effects, an electric guitar and pearling sequences are embedded in this wonderful dream cosmos.

And Robert takes his time to let these sounds develop and breathe. At least for the duration of this album your Fata Morgana is put into your music room. Dream and be filled with wonder!