CD #1
  1. Europa [18:37]
  2. Ganymede [18:18]
  3. Io [18:23]
  4. Beyond the known horizon [16:32]
    CD #2
  1. The relic [12:08]
  2. Dark bands, bright streaks [19:11]
  3. Regio galileo [19:28]
  4. Prometheus [19:0]
  Chuck van Zyl is an absolute enigma. He is an e-music DJ and concert host, tireless in his efforts to support and advance electronic music and its artists. And he is one of the e-music community's most accomplished artists, in and of his own right.
The Relic is a double CD of large-scale sci-fi walls of sound. Chuck uses just enough sequencing to keep the set from being pure minimalism, but there are strong qualities of the same. The atmospheres are expansive and large-scale.
Jim Brenholts