1. Timeless Moment (Europa) [21:12]
  2. Liquid Light (Ganymede) [16:22] MP3 soundclip of Liquid light [3:00]
  3. Static Movement (Callisto) [5:50]
  4. Shadow of Darkness (Io) [18:13]
Composed and recorded by Kent Eskildsen between Januari and August 2005 at the Klangshoj Studio

Timescape is made up of two Danes, Tony Andersen (KODA) and Kent Eskildsen (KODA), who have been working together musically since 1996. Under different monikers, Tony Andersen and Kent Eskildsen have released music on more than 10 CDs ≠ and a few movie soundtracks.
Tony and Kent play a wide range of instruments; keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, flutes and vocoders and they have a long experience with modern recording technology. Their music explores all kinds of electronic genres, mostly instrumental. Recently they teamed up with vocalist Tina S. Johansen, who appears as a guest performer on Timescapeís CD, Travelling Light. Tina is also credited with co-writing three tracks for Travelling Light.
Although the music of Timescape has been compared to acts like, Aural Float, Jens Buchert, Guardner, Tangerine Dream, J.M.Jarre and Danish musician and DJ, Trentemoeller, Timescape has their own distinctive sound.
When Timescape takes their music on the road, they can be seen playing in small and intimate DJ sets at clubs to larger shows where they employ the talents of additional musicians and dancers, using computer graphics, laser and video projections.
Under different names, they have released their own music on more than 15 CDs, have composed for soundtracks and have been involved in other musical collaborations, one of the most prominent being "Navigator" with German keyboard player Jens Peschke.

Press Information The four Galilean moons are the inspiration for Daughters of Jupiter (61'37"), the wonderful collaboration between Tony Andersen and Kent Eskildsen of Timescape.

Each of the four tracks delve into the mysterious beauty and scientific contemplation surrounding these enigmatic Jovian satellites. The music is completely textural, and creates a beautiful yet mysterious space within the listener. Massive reverberation added to fluctuating digital timbres make for an interesting drift through a region of space no human has ever visited. The rising and falling of synth tones resolves into a sustaining electronic environment, which builds into a dense atmosphere of unique sounds and effects. The soundfield is also capable of thinning out to near transparency in this fragile and stimulating work.

Science has provided the world with images and facts by looking into space, Timescape translates this knowledge into a work of personal human expression by looking within themselves.

2008. Chuck van Zyl / Star's End