1. The Cool River MP3 soundclip of The cool river [3:00]
  2. Boundless
  3. Tiger In The Grass
  4. The Ocean Whispers
  5. Premonition
  6. Soul Chameleon
  7. Box Of Sky
  8. A Walk Along The Ganges
  9. Mountain
  10. Slow Drift
  11. After The Night
  12. Black Mountain Morning
  13. The Gift
All music written, recorded and performed by Michael Allison except track 12 written by Jeff Kowal and Michael Allison

re:Karma is a compilation of works from Darshan Ambient's expansive discography. Michael has hand picked a compilation of hits and previously unreleased material from various points of his career and we've REMASTERED everything for the best sonic clarity and presence. Also included are a few new tracks to round out this wonderful retrospecitve of an accomplished musician and composer.
For those of you who are new to Darshan Ambient, this CD will be an excellent introduction to Michael's career. For those of you who are long time fans of Michael's work, this is a great collector's item of unheard material and greatest hits.

2005. Press information This is an album with remarkable and varied stylistic textures that mix the Ambient with New Instrumental Music and Atmospheric Pop. The rhythmic part is Pop in style, whereas the melodies fuse romanticism with slight meditative touches. Some pieces are ideal to let imagination soar through unearthly worlds. There also are some pieces in a symphonic key, of an almost classical nature.
The expressively that the artist achieves with the synthesizers is remarkable indeed.

Edgar Kogler This release from 2005 features 73 minutes of energized ambience.
Darshan Ambient is Michael Allison. An amount of the material on this CD comes from previous albums, with the exception of five previously unreleased older tracks and two new pieces, one of which is a collaboration with Jeff Kowal.

The music is a congenial blend of pastoral ambience and easygoing rhythmics, resulting in a mildly energized dose of comfortable electronics. Airy textures waft with relaxed demeanor, periodically goaded by sedate percussives. Keyboards produce friendly riffs that interweave with these pattering atmospherics, delivering tasty sedation tinged with a touch of vitality. This mixture of lull and pep can be most enthralling, as the minimalism is teased just enough by the soft beats to achieve a sonic presence that is suitably unintrusive yet delicately captivating. Allison has a talent for establishing ethereal moods that evoke nature instead of astral panoramas. His compositions possess an earthy quality that sets his music apart from so many other ambient musicians who focus their sound stylings on introspective explorations of the inner mind.

This music generates a subtle (but vibrant) connection between soul and environment.

2006. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity This is a compilation cd from the American Michael Allison, also known as Darshan Ambient. It partly contains material that has not been released before as well as two new tracks. With such a name I, not surprisingly, expect ambient music. This is only for a part on "Rekarma". This cd, that covers the period 1994-2005, shows a diversity of EM styles. The atmosphere is definitely present and this gives Allisonís music a somewhat dreamy character, although he also works with rhythms frequently.

The filmy "The Cool River" opens the cd impressively in a style that was heard a lot in the 1980s on labels such as Narada. The music is very diverse: from the rather not very striking and simple rhythmic pieces to quite intriguing material. Sometimes he literally searches for his evident sources of inspiration: "Tiger In The Grass", for instance, is like a copy of Patrick OíHearnís "Trust". Also, the piano-dominated "The Ocean Whispers" could have come from OíHearn. As said, some tracks breathe the atmosphere of the jazzy EM (then called "new instrumental music") from the 1980s, like "Premonition" and "Box Of Sky". There are also some compositions on the cd that donít appeal to me very much, primarily those in which the drum computer dominates.
The soft "A Walk Along The Ganges" and "Slow Drift" could have come from Danna and Clement, but also they have traces of Syndrone.
The new tracks "Black Mountain Morning" and "The Gift" are somewhat too modern for me.

There is a lot of potential in the music of Darshan Ambient. This cd offers a nice overview of this.

Paul Rijkens For those unfamiliar with Michael Allison aka Darshan Ambient, Re:Karma would be an excellent place to start.

A collection of rare and unreleased tracks from the past decade-plus provide good insight into his musical style, which skillfully blends ambient and new age sounds into his own sound, full of the textures and sounds of ambient, but with the structure, rhythm and melody of new age. He does so in a thoroughly unpretentious manner, making music that simply sounds good.
"The Cool River" sounds like the prettier side of Brian Eno.
"Boundless" is almost too smooth and listenable for its own good.
"Tiger in the Grass" melds world and new age elements together like a Windham Hill veteran.
Tunes range from melancholy ("The Ocean Whispers") to dub-influenced upbeat numbers ("Soul Chameleon") to easygoing midtempo pieces ("Box of Sky") to dreamy reverie ("A Walk Along The Ganges"). Regardless of the style and pace, Allison maintains a sure hand throughout.

If you like pretty melodies and soft sounds with your electronic music you should thoroughly enjoy Re:Karma.

Phil Derby / Electroambient Space