1. 7 Homes & 8 Spyrits Part I [8:56]
  2. VCM 100F [10:22]
  3. Ocean [9:44]
  4. Level, Voice [11:08]
  5. VCF CS20 [5:04]
  6. 7 Homes & 8 Spyrits Part II [9:13]
  7. Omega est Alpha [14:47]
  8. Hommage a Satie [3:13]
Starting with a sound that could be connected with melodic FAX Hard Trance of the old days, Spyra goes deeper into the fields of Ambient-Environmental music. Spyra's music is often performed with custom-built instruments such as the "Triangle Pads" and the "Elektrolyra", and consists of diverse sound sculptures ("sound-sheets").

Of course, Spyra is not your typical electronic musician--he was originally a performance artist who was a part of Documenta IX (1992) with his work "Panakustikum", as well as Documenta X (1997) with his work "My Little Garden of Sounds", wherein visitors were connected to P.A.S.S. (Portable Ambient Sound System) to perceive the natural environment in a processed way.

After many years have passed Spyra again proves that his path of timeless music succeeds.

2009. Press Information