1. Spell Weaver [1:30]
  2. The Sight - Merlin the Magician, Illegimate Son of a South Wales Princess [5:27] MP3 soundclip of The sight [0:54]
  3. After the Battle of Camlann - Sir Modred Slays King Arthur [4:05]
  4. Fatal Love - Queen Guinevere Mourns Arthur and Takes the Vows of a Nun [4:15]
  5. Anoeth Bid Bet y Arthur -The Burial Place of Arthur Remains a Mystery [2:38]
  6. Avalon [2:19]
  7. Arthur II - Just the Beginning [1:58]
  8. The Quest - The Single Version [3:49]
In 1984 Kerr was working on a project with, as inspiration, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In March he released the LP "Knights" and received very positive reviews in the media.

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