1. Farewell from Home [9:07]
  2. Flyby of Jupiter [7:44]
  3. Views from Saturn [5:59]
  4. The interstellar Mission [5:23]
  5. Pale Blue dot [8:32]
  6. Farthest from Earth [6:36]
  7. The Heliosphere [7:09]
  8. The Interstellar Space [4:39]
  9. End of Scientific Activity [5:54]
  10. The last Contact [7:05]
Three years the fans of Wellenfled had to wait for the new album. Now it is finally here. The two musicians from Germany's Ruhrpoot are back with a fresh and extremely analogue album. We are used to electronic sounds, but rarely have they done without acoustic sounds so much. The new album is called "The Journey of Voyager 1" and tells the story of the well-known space probe from its launch in 1977 to the present day. Wellenfeld musically follows the most important stations on its journey through our solar system. The music is typical Wellenfeld: rhythmic sequences with dreamy melodies. Personally, I haven't heard such an entertaining and groovy electronic album for a very long time. All tracks clearly belong together and merge into a grandiose sound experience. I would like to invite you to this.