1. Echoes Of Darkness Part 1 [18:28] MP3 soundclip of Part 1 [1:00]
  2. Echoes Of Darkness Part II [13:56] MP3 soundclip of Part 2 [1:00]
  3. Echoes Of Darkness Part III [13:53] MP3 soundclip of Part 3 [1:00]
  4. Echoes Of Darkness Part IV [15:58]
Composed, arranged, produced and performed 2007 by Maciej Wierzchowski Vanderson is a project of Polish musician Maciej Wierzchowski.

The four lengthy tracks on this release sound like a homage to TDís sequencer-infused music and sound of the Ď80s, as it nicely blends catchy sequencer patterns with spacious textures and solo lines. The compositions are well executed and attractive, due to the well-chosen and overall warm sound design plus the embedded spatial quality. Fans of AEM/Frederic Wurtz and TD will love this stuff.

Itís a pity though this release comes as a crappy quality cd-r release.

2010. Bert Strolenberg / sonicimmersion.org Echoes Of Darkness is a really good release if you like Tangerine Deam - Force Majeure

2008. Mike / Cosmic frequencies