1. Spacer Woman From Mars (Ambient Mix) MP3 soundclip of Spacer woman from mars [1:00]
  2. Amylium Casparium
  3. Underworld Mumble 1
  4. The Stones Are Blasted MP3 soundclip of Stones are blasted [1:00]
  5. Spiral Staircase
  6. Underworld Mumble 2
  7. Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon (Original Casio MT-52 Instrumental)
  8. Zero Gravitation
  9. Take Me Home
  10. The Chameleon (Johan Agebjörn Remix Edit)
  11. Last Tram To Comet Square
  12. Love Ray
  13. Siberian Train (Steve Moore Remix) MP3 soundclip of Siberian train [1:00]
Track 1 with Sally Shapiro
Track 2 with NeonCoil
Track 9 with Sylwia van der Wonderland
Track 10 with Glass Candy
Track 12 with Lisa Barra

The Mountain Lake is Johan Agebjörn's second release on the Label. The album is comprised of thirteen tracks of compelling, spaced-out electronica that express Johan's fondness of ambient soundscapes, 80s italo disco music, drum machines, science fiction movies, Buddhism and the Swedish landscape.
The Mountain Lake features collaborations with familiar partners Sally Shapiro and Lisa Barra, as well as Glass Candy, NeonCoil, Sylwia van der Wonderland and remix guru Steve Moore. Johan's masterful blend of ambience and rhythmic electronics bring the listener enthusiastically along on this sonic journey.

2011. Press Information After more than two years, Swedish composer Johan Agebjörn delivers his second album on the prestigious label. It’s an example of fresh and catchy contemporary electronics with that typical but indefinable arctic rim. The influence of trance and dance is clearer on the 13 up-tempo instrumentals that fill "The Mountain Lake", that is graced with a beautiful melodic sound design next to a nice assortment of rhythms and sequencer patterns.

The opening track "Spacer Woman from Mars" is a great start of the sonic journey, which aptly blends ambience and emotions with influences of sf-movies, the Swedish landscape, ‘80’s disco tunes ("Amylium Casparium", "The Stones are Blasted") and even Buddhism ("Spiral Staircase", "Last Tram to Comet Square").
I really like the great sense for detail, spaciousness and warmth that runs as a consistent tread through Agebjörn’s fine crafted compositions, of which some have a certain immersive effect ("Zero Gravitation", "Take me Home", "Love Ray").
The album ends with a remix version of "Siberian Train" (a track that appeared on Johan’s previous album "Mossebo") immersing the listener in a Giorgio Moroder-like, hypnotizing realm.

In my opinion, the great balance of intimacy, honesty and the joy of freedom that shines through the vibrant music of the well accomplished and excellently produced "The Mountain Lake" makes it something special. Chapeau Johan!

2011. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion