1. Interstellar [16:54]
  2. Galactic Centre [15:01]
  3. Magellanic Clouds [17:16]
  4. Wolf-Rayet [14:45]
  1. Distant Spiral [20:46]
  2. Dark Matter [18:40]
  3. Cluster [20:16]
  1. Gravity [10:00]
  2. Andromeda [09:00]
  3. Zone Of Avoidance [09:13]
  4. Halo [11:28]
  5. Celestial Equator [10:44]
  6. RR Lyrae [14:03]
  7. Orion [12:37]
Galaxis is a 3cd digipack and is a release of 300 copies only.

All music composed and played by Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij

Gert Emmens: synths, drums, guitar
Ruud Heij: synths, sequences
Special recordings come in various form. Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij chose to release this great looking triple cd set on E-Day 2018 to celebrate 15 years of collaboration that started in May 2003. With “Galaxis” as a title it’s obvious we’re invited to join the duo on a lengthy (200 minute) cosmic journey through infinite space environs and wander though the great beyond. The very spacious and well-balanced “out-there” sound design created with analogue gear only is a versatile blend of sequenced and ambient parts in various tempos which sees the composers offering their best while traversing the retro, Berlin School avenue. I’m personally most pleased by the deep spacious expanses, warm textures, choir pads and overall captivating vintage atmospheres turning up all over the album (often as intro, outro or bridging section) as well as Gert’s pleasant acoustic drum playing gracing the tracks “Wolf-Rayet” (containing a lovely deep bass line) , “ D istant Spiral” and “Gravity”. Other favourites are “Dark Matter”, a slow spiralling ambient drift with striking intensity and the lush atmospheric “Cluster” that receives a nice boost when electronic rhythms set in. Contrary to the previous two cds, the third one contains seven slightly shorter tracks staying true to the “out there” realm during its 77-minute duration. On this third cd, “Zone of Avoidance” and “Celestial Equator” are beautiful atmospheric, darker-shaded ambient pieces.

All in all, with the enthralling “Galaxis” Gert and Ruud have outdone themselves putting double icing on the cake of their list of collaborative releases so far. **MY CHOICE** / 4 stars out of 5

2018. Bert Strolenberg/