1. Thrust Avis [13:59]
  2. Blue Biotop [6:54] MP3 soundclip of Blue Biotop [3:00]
  3. Nightzone [13:35]
  4. Earthview [4:01]
  5. Jet Pilot [10:17] MP3 soundclip of Jet pilot [1:41]
  6. Butterflys Dance [4:25]
  7. Spacetrack [10:55]
  8. Cosmonautic Dream [4:48]
All songs composed, played and mixed by Erik Seifert at Pleasure Sound Studios, Cologne Germany

Oliver Haas - didgeridoo Seifertís music is what I like, using synths that sound like synths, every note fully and unabashedly electronic from start to finish. His melodies are exceptionally strong. Iím reminded of the good synth releases that came out in the late 80s on Peter Baumannís Private Music label, like Eddie Jobsonís Theme of Secrets and Patrick OíHearnís Ancient Dreams.

The synth sounds are smooth and light. It doesnít sound like smooth jazz, but it has that quality about it in how it just flows so easily along.
"Earthview" is perhaps the best example, a light shuffling beat, pillow soft synths and a gentle melody. Some are a little more upbeat, some are more easy listening, and some, like "Jet Pilot", are a bit of both.
The only one that gets too sweet for my taste is "Butterflies Dance", and itís not that bad.

This CD would be a great bit of listening for a lazy sunny morning or afternoon.

2005. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space