1. Cascade 39
  2. Road To Danakil
  3. A World Apart
  4. Counting On Time
  5. Dream 9
  6. Liquid Sky
  7. The Lost Cord
  8. M-Tron Fields
  9. Measure 3
  10. Voices From The Past
  11. The Long Now
  12. Moons Ago
  13. 54 Novo
  14. Nautilus
  15. Longing In Motion
This Blu-Ray+DVD video experience includes the amazing visuals of NEULAND within one non-stop movie format. Experience NEULAND the way it was meant to with stunning visuals specifically tailored for all 15 tracks!

Neuland translates into ‘New Territory’ and reflects the unusual musical and visual landscape at the core of this project.

Neuland was designed as a sensory exploration at a time when many aspects of the landscape of electronic music have come full circle, as the origins of popular electronic music are rediscovered and re-contextualized by a new audience. “We ultimately don’t know where this path will lead us, but we enjoy diving into the unknown,” says Haslinger.