1. Prelude [6:27]
  2. Elastique [12:22]
  3. Resonance Part 1 & 2 [11:43]
  4. Zen [10:30]
  5. Shut your eyes [5:42]
  6. Salvation [7:04]
  7. Meditation [9:45]
  8. I keep walking [7:06]
ZEN is the 8th solo album by Axess and the sequel to Seahsore. It therefore follows the musical route that began a few years ago. The new CD starts with calm pads and warm harmonies that relax you immediately. But don't trust the peace for too long, as early as the 2nd track you wake up and suddenly find yourself in another world of deep bass and hypnotic beats. On the audio CD, all 8 tracks from ZEN are combined into a single piece of music. Ideally, it should be listened to without interruptions and with headphones it would be even more perfect to let you step into the new musical cosmos of Axess.