1. Evolver
  2. Frozen Circuitry
  3. Communique
  4. The Search
  5. Time Drive
  6. The Doll
  7. Circuitry
Powerful & Melodic new music composed & produced by Steven Nelson the UK’s second coming of Mark Shreeve… and he hails from up here in Scotland!
In the Synth Music world, Steven Nelson is to Mark Shreeve what many moons ago Steven Wilson (PORCUPINE TREE) was to PINK FLOYD in the Prog Rock world!
Nelson’s music has all the trail-blazing aggression and raw energy of past Shreeve solo albums and he delivers it with a stylish melodic conviction like no other. He punches out his tunes amid a vast panoramic backdrop of sequences and audio pyrotechnics, all designed to take the listener on the thrilling futuristic sci-fi roller-coaster ride of their life!
TRANSCEIVE albums are no where near an annual event – there’s a five year average between them in fact - but when they do come along, Nelson takes no prisoners and makes every second count in the quality and dynamics the music he delivers. ‘Frozen Circuitry’ is no exception! Sure, all the TANGERINE DREAM and JARRE influences are still in there too, but the overwhelming central driving force is definitely Mark Shreeve (aka REDSHIFT)!
TRANSCEIVE is probably a new name to many of you, but believe me, not for much longer, because once all of you wrap your radar round this little beauty, they’ll be no turning back!