1. La Gomera Pt 1 [22:55] MP3 soundclip of Part one [0:29]
  2. La Gomera Pt 2 [13:23] MP3 soundclip of Part two [0:29]
  3. La Gomera Pt 3 [17:51] MP3 soundclip of Part three [0:29]
  4. La Gomera Pt 4 [12:01] MP3 soundclip of Part four [0:29]
Recorded live as part of the Ricochet Gathering at Castillo Del Mar, Vallehermoso, La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain on October 14, 2005. This release from 2010 offers 66 minutes of great electronic music culled from the limited edition CD Before the Moon release. The music was recorded live at the 5th Ricochet Gathering in the Castillo del Mar in Vallehermoso on Gomera Island, Spain, on October 14, 2005. Airsculpture is: Adrian Beasley, John Christian, and Pete Ruczynski (all on electronics). The album is divided into four sections:

Part 1 commences with sawing electronics that gradually emerge from a plopping surf to unfurl shimmering banners of crystalline sound. Twinkling keys guide things into a textural milieu of a celestial nature with trails still churning the water. Tantalizing effects lurk on the periphery, ultimately luring a rhythmic pulse to take position at the core of the flow and evolve into a bouncy electronic riff. E-perc joins in to enhance the music's peppy allure. Additional riffs slide into play, transforming things into a full-blown melody of quite attractive definition.
Part 2 picks up with an advanced version of the prior melody, now accompanied by electric bongos and more demonstrative percussion. The melody undergoes swift mutation and dives into stratospheric life with spry embellishments. Sweeping keyboards enter the mix to divert things into a panoramic journey, a flight enhanced by more keyboard riffs and faux guitar. (While Airsculpture uses no actual guitar, the instrument is sampled and presented through keyboard triggering.) Synthetic chorales lend the hyperactive tune a heavenly lilt.
For part 3 the music adopts a deeper tonality as chugging cycles advance a pensive melody into expressive definition. Twinkling keyboards lend things a delightful sparkle, moving the flow into more frigid territory where auxiliary tracks merge with things to create a lush vista of breathtaking scope.
Lively bloops contribute a bouncy rhythm to part 4 and are quickly joined by dramatic pulsations. Airy keyboards temper things with lovely tones, soon accompanied by more snarly sounds which flesh things out to a dazzling density. Things devolve into a sparkling but sedate conclusion.

While the album begins with a dreamy atmospheric pastiche, the majority of the tuneage exhibits an appealing agility that can almost be called a meshing of techno with contemporary electronic music.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity "Before the Moon" is a limited edition, factory-pressed digipak cd-release, previously released as a double cd-r in 2006, offering some fully improvised Berliner School-inspired space music by the legendary UK-trio. The outcome on this re-release features four lengthy pieces, recorded live in concert during AirSculpture's performance as part of the Ricochet Gathering 2005 on one of the Canary Islands on October 15, 2005 in celebration of the Full Moon Party.

This cd contains 66-minutes of improvised music, starting out with a long atmospheric intro after which a sequencer pattern, sets the piece in motion, with some solos flying over. Toward the end of the first part, the overall sound and interlocking sequencers builds in a powerful manner. Beats and sequencers continue the groovy type of electronics featured on the second part. Despite its rather minimal framework, this track even gets a bit freaky in the second half before fading out.
Heavy Berliner School sequencers start out on the more melodic and vibrant oriented 18-minute "La Gomera pt 3". The album receives a lively ending with the 12-minute "La Gomera pt 4". It is spiced with a steady beat and conga-like sequencing while the three musicians lay their improvisations over it, before spiralling out in a moody manner.

"Before the Moon" makes up Berliner School inspired music with an interesting twist.

2010. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion Slightly different from the Ricochet Dream double CD-R edition, Before The Moon makes a new sonority after being Remastered and Edited, with a new Digipak format, in only 300 CD. Though it is the same concert, the final result is slightly different with this new mastering realized by Air Sculptureís Pete Ruczynski. Enough, that per moments I have the impression to hear the same concert but played in two different events. Shortened of nearly 45 minutes of its CD-R version, Before The Moon offers a warmer sound. Sounds and subtleties between rhythms that intermingle in various synth fragrances give a completely new depth to this recording. Like a jewel well polished of its rough state.

The intro of La Gomera I remains always so lugubrious. A slow intro where the richness of heteroclite sonorities surprises compared to the original work. One clearly hears there all small nuances and the fret work of those reverberating waves brings a new dimension to the listening because they scintillate in a universe bordering a remote oceanic world as strange as those spectral light winds on irregular loops. Hidden in this rich abstract structure, sequenced percussions emerge of these caustic reverberations hoops and out of oceanic limbos to hop in alternation on an enchanting Mellotron freeing a misty pad. The hits become irregular whereas the Mellotron sways with charm and those synth pads which become denser and intense on sequences with African bongos drumming style to shape a slightly frantic cadence, in contrast with the softness of these wavy pads. I tell you; a kind of mix between Ashra and Tangerine Dream, especially when fine solos escape from a synth to whistle in this enchantress fog. A superb opening that reaches its hypnotic paroxysm with a powerful movement of crescendo at around the 19th minute.
An avalanche of sequences with African xylophones strikes opens La Gomera II. An electronic drum rams this rhythmic, structuring a cadence with a Techno tendency on a beautiful bass line which undulates under layers of a synth with soft orchestrations and fine solos. Minimalist rhythmic structure that will be use as framework for a splendid and daring sound carnival with keyboard keys which hesitate between jazz and pure melody. The rhythm dances and trances with a light frenzy and the keyboard crosses a heavy bass line which winds while howling, whereas aggressive synths howl daring sonorities in a completely delirious sound hubbub. A kermis of happiness on a wild cadence with breathes of spectral synths which hoot at the moon, under a dreamy Mellotron fog. An imposing music piece that one would likes perpetual and which still astonishes with his Mellotron flutes following an unbridled rhythm under tortuous solos. One of the extremely powerful tracks from Air Sculpture!
La Gomera III begins with a heavy bass line which gallops in misty plains. Keys of keyboard dandle there in loops, whereas the structure takes a slightly syncopated form. The intro of La Gomera III is a powerful sound swirl without direction. A heavy atonal movement where solos are indistinct and from where emerges a sequence with crystalline hammering. Hypnotic and psychedelic, Air Sculpture is mislaid in the RMI ways with a synth which blows like a guitar on a heavy structure where sound effusion is so dense that one loses oneself there. A little after the 9th minute, the movement is quieting down softy, offering a nice structure which oscillates as a hypnotic carrousel where keyboards notes are mingle with sequences chords and solos from a tortuous synth.
Frantic African bongo opens La Gomera IV which explodes of violent synth solos with fragrances of resounding guitars. A superb sequential movement on frantic percussions which are offering a freedom of infinite trance, as La Gomera II. Here, the synth solos are more virulent and are transported by a dense Mellotron fog, surrounded by a fine syncopated movement. Gently La Gomera IV swerves on melodious rhythms, less trances, with beautiful orchestrations and final imprints of a quietude which is surrounded by a mystic aura with superb arrangements.

Violins which brush against this mystical fog that stays after evenings of carnivals and which conclude this very good remastering of a superb concert which shows all its creative madness of the double CD-R version, Before the (Full) Moon.

2010. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness