1. A man with a Van
  2. Sundrip
  3. Ten Thousend Days
  4. I feel Laserium
  5. Crystal
  6. ZED Won
  7. Litlle Novas
  8. Albedo:Zero point one five
  9. Mars
  10. Mesentao
  11. Hypatia
  12. Out of the Woodwork
  13. Haumea
Greetings!! Finally, featuring over a decade of work Changing Landscapes is on its way to the manufacture for printing! Due to the length of time it takes to print a glass-master CD and the fact that I'm away for a bit the release date for the 12th album from Perge Music will be available to buy a very sexy looking double-CD package on the 19th of June.

19 tracks, over 2.5 hours of music! This is our biggest release to date! From the bottom of my heart a HUGE thank you to all of you for making this journey possible xxx