2. 11.27pm Session - FOUR DEGREES PARALLAX

THE SESSIONS IV EP contains instant live compositions (about 65 min of music) from the current TD line-up Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane. The first track PERSEPSJONSTRANSFORMASJON was recorded from the OYA FESTIVALEN in OSLO, Norway. It was Tangerine Dream's first show ever in Norway and they were welcomed like good old friends. The crowd was very much on fire and inspired the band for a wonderful piece of music.

The second track FOUR DEGREES PARALLAX was recorded during their performance at the INTERNET FESTIVAL in PISA, Italy. TD performed at the famous Teatro Verdi - very close to the Leaning Tower of Pisa - and mesmerized an especially very young audience.

The band members are very much enjoying their new respectively revived concept of performing a so-called real time composition session at the end of their concerts. We hope that you will enjoy these spontaneous and exceptional live tracks - inspired by the location and a great audience at the same time.

PRE-ORDER NOW! SHIPPING START: 13th DECEMBER 2018!!! 1. 10.32pm Session ' Persepsjonstransformasjon (26.35) : The intro delivers soaring keyboards, then Mellotron choirs and violins (from the Memotron), blended with percussive sounds and dreamy violin. Now the distinctive sequencers join (the crowd clearly shows its appreciation), beeps and bleeps, the sound of water, this is Old School electronic music, with obvious echoes from 1974-1980 Tangerine Dream. The wonderful music turns into more lush featuring a Mellotron flute, fat synthesizer drops and a pleasant variety of keyboards sounds. Halfway an accellaration with pulsating sequencers, majestic Mellotron choirs and spacey synthesizer flights, at some moments it's like I am on the unsurpassed Encore album, this is top notch electronic music, goose bumps! Then a catchy beat with fat sequencers and even more fat beeps and bleeps, and inventive work on keyboards and synthesizers, more modern sounding. In the final part the music slows down wit h pleasant piano play, a tight beat and mellow synthesizers and dreamy violin, finally blended with Mellotron flutes and spacey synthesizers, wonderful and hypnotizing, this is what electronic music is about!

2 .11.27pm Session - Four Degrees Parallax (37.24) : A long mellow first part with dreamy synthesizers and a variety of Mellotron sounds. Then a shifting mood into more dynamic with sensational sequencers, slowly coming from the background, and then blended with fat synthesizer flights and soaring Mellotron flutes, again evoking the unsurpassed 1974-1980 Tangerine Dream sound, wow! Now the music focus on the exciting sequencer sounds, very fat and hypnotizing, blended with beeps and bleeps, this is the best electronic music I have heard in a long time! In the final part more spectacular and fat sequencer sounds and synthesizer drops, very propulsive, then blended with tender piano runs and intense violin play, this is trademark new Tangerine Dream, and I love it. Finall y first the fat and propulsive sequencer and synthesizer sounds (with hints from 1974-1980 Tangerine Dream but with an own, very tasteful touch) and in the end a dreamy sound with violin and synthesizers, and the Mellotron choir, simply beautiful. A big hand for this new Tangerine Dream.

2019. Erik Neuteboom / Aruba