1. In London [20:00] MP3 soundclip of In London [3:05]
  2. In London (After hours) [12:56]
  3. In London (radio edit) [3:05]
The legendary session between Neuronium and Vangelis recorded in London at famous Nemo Studios.
Totally 24-bit remastered for this definitive and Platinum edition. A collector's piece on a new luxury finishing and pressing.

Vangelis & Neuronium the platinum edition. 30th anniversary. During that unforgettable session in 1981, Vangelis and the members of Neuronium made some of the most lucid samples that could be made with synthesizers in the world of cosmic electronic music. Although the original work was recorded by Vangelis on an analog system, at the legendary nemo studio in London, Huygen’s technical expertise has completely remastered the sounds with improved mixing. Listening to the album takes you back to the sound of Vangelis/Neuronium at the end of the 70’s start of the 80’s with the analog sound, sequencers and symphonic atmospheres dominating all other sounds.
However this cd is not just for nostalgia enthusiasts and collectors: the true electronic music in its most cosmic aspect shines through in all its splendor.
Recommended for: instrumental chill out music. Can be used for meditation, as background music for studying or for attentive and profound listening to experience different musical shades.
The use of headphones is recommended.

Press Information Quisiera insistir a modo de homenaje póstumo,que este trabajo ha sido fruto de unas improvidaciones llevadas a cabo en los estudios Nemo que Vangelis tenia en Londres,donde a traves de un programa de la televisión española,bajo el titulo generico dr "Musical Expres" y conducido por Angel Casas,hizo que a traves de estos programas,acercar el movimiento musical electinico al publico español.Si bien,tanto Michel Huygen como su compañero Carlos Guirao (Neuronium), sirvieron de nexo, para ir presentandonos grupis y artistas de este estilo musical.

Desgraciadamente Carlos Guirao, nos dejo en enero del 2013, habiendo fundado junto a Huygen el primer grupo español,de interpretación de Musica Electronica en España. A raiz de la publicación del quinto álbum de Neuronium "Chromium Echoes" Carlos Guirao abandona la formación,para emprender una carrera en solitario. Su primer trabajo "Revelations" fué todo un éxito musical. Tras una larga enfermedad,continuaria componiendo hasta el final de su vida,y es esta etapa,la de mayor creatividad musical,habiéndonos dejado teabajos tan encomiables como "BRUMAS";"SYNPHONY";"PESADILLAS DE UN SER VIVIENTE"...editados pir el sello AT-MOos FECORDS.ESPAÑA.

Sirva desde aqui,este pequeño homenaje en las páginas de GROOVE NL. quizas, el lugar mas apropiado, para que albergara sus innegables trabajos discograficos y su peculiar estilo e inquietud musical,llevadas a cabo,hasta su fatidica muerte. Descansa en paz Carlos Guirao!!!!!!

2014. Vueloquimico / ESPAÑA In 1981, Neuronium and Vangelis produced one of the clearest samples of what can be done with synthesizers in the field of electronic, Space Music. Although the original recording was done in an analogic system, in the legendary Vangelis' Nemo studio, in London, Huygen's technical ability has allowed for a complete remastering and its presentation with improved mixes. The main theme has been treated in three different versions ("In London", "In London (After hours)" and "In London (radio edit)", of a decreasing duration. Listening to the album we return to the Vangelis / Neuronium sound of the late seventies, early eighties, in which analogic sound and symphonic environments dominate over everything else.
Yet this CD is not specifically aimed at nostalgic listeners or collectors: True electronic music in its most cosmic side, shines here in all its glory. This re-release is partly due to the pressure of the fans of both musicians, as many of them could not get a copy of the album when it was first released.

MANUEL MONTES What can i say about this masterpeace... sailing away.....to the KOSMOS......

2002. Panos / Hellas Back in 1996 or 1997 I talked with Eric van der Heijden the producer of the Universal Time Zone, Cosmic Flight No.3, and Da Capo cds.
We talk for 40 minutes, he said that Vangelis was his favorite music artist and now I know why.
I mean the very second I heard the sound sample clip I fell in love with the music. It has a smooth atmospheric space encounter feeling that takes you out of the past into this present knowing there is a future.

2005. Mike Costa / USA