1. Immerse [13:03]
  2. Earthen [11:45]
  3. Pulseforms [10:25]
  4. Source [13:08]
  5. Helios [12:52]
  6. Forest [7:42]
"Earthen" is another highly polished sonic pearl in Alpha Wave Movement's impressive discography, superbly displaying huge talent, creativity, ingenuity and musicality of its sole protagonist. Gregory Kyryluk is an ambient composer par excellence!!! A true virtuoso of sheerly elegant electronic soundsculpting!!! Gregory Kyryluk is constantly exhibiting this since 1996, when he landed with triumphant debut album "Transcendence".

Richard Gürtler I mentioned it quite often; Alpha Wave Movement is one of the best-kept secrets of the contemporary MÉ. Gregory Kyryluk, the man behind AWM, raises proudly his artistic independence, album after album, by navigating from a style to another and/or from a project to another without ever taking root. This time he makes a small exception by drawing farther that he did with System A and by offering a beautiful album of an even more cosmic, an even more contemplative EM.

And that begins with this long breeze which rises from the borders of the oblivion. The movement is slow. Very slow. Small strands extricate themselves from these oblong curves and infuse the delicate musicality of "Immerse" by glittering of contrasting tones. Small carillons ring. One would say some stars which sparkle. And their myriad adopts the shape of a soft morphic lullaby which is taken by these ethereal tablecloths which sweep the horizons, such the big eye of a lighth ouse guiding the travelers in the cosmos. And when the movement unties its shadows which hum like astral singings, a delicate movement of ambient rhythm falls from the nothingness like these leaves taken by the winds which delicately make them waltz towards the ground. "Immerse" caresses our ears of this first movement of astral rhythm which, once from time to time, shakes the great quietude of “Earthen”. This vertical movement of saccade is magnetizing (I hear this mass of snow that Tomita sculpted in his famous Snowflake are Dancing, but in a clearly more ethereal approach) and spins in layers of seraphic voices. Another more lively movement makes drum some felted keys which dance in countercurrent, drawing two lines of antithetical rhythms which struggle in these fluty voices as much dreamlike as these thick clouds of carillons which always tinkle for this kind morphic and cosmic lullaby. The title-track exploits also these carillons. They shine and sparkle, spinning as feathers in a mass of synth lines among which the songs and their contrasts float and conceal the resonances of the isolated percussions. This vast movement of somber serenity which blows on the introduction of "Earthen" is pushed by the implosions of a bass line. Their weak and scattered beatings bring the title-track to another level. Towards a beautiful and very morphic down-tempo where the short lines of sequences make sparkling the keys which wave in the same speed that these dark breezes where always burst these lost percussions. And this rhythm isn't anymore. The arrangements are as delicate as the caresses of the angels. And quite quietly our ears cannot avoid any kinds of parallels to make between this music and that of Steve Roach, in Structures from Silence, nor moreover the very celestial approach of Ray Lynch in The Sky of Mind. Between New Age and the nebulous world of esotericism; “Earthen” exploits marvelously the corridors of serenity. Everything is soft and relatively quiet , even with rhythms which sparkle and climb some timeless tops as in "Pulseforms". If the sonic decoration and the bulwarks of ambiences stay in the same envelope of quietude, the pulse is finely more jerky with a line of rhythm and its dusts which climb the territory of celestial bodies. And then comes the quietest moments of “Earthen”. If "Source" and "Helios" exchange their long moments of cosmic serenity with their contrasts, "Forest" brings us closer from our home with another meditative phase where breathes the green life.

Filled with quiet rhythms, with celestial and profoundly immersive atmospheres, “Earthen” is a small jewel of tenderness which wraps our senses of a delicate fusion between the soft movements of some very serene rhythms and the enveloping synth veils where the voices and the breezes are transporting those carillons and their lunar melodies in constant gestation through the cosmic corridors. It's an album which finds the charms of his magnetism the eyes r iveted or in the sky, by a hot starry night, or by a beautiful uncertain morning the look lost in the soft flows of a peaceful river. Let's say that it's the ideal companion for a peaceful introspection where the beauties are everywhere around our ears.

2015. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synthsequences.blogspot.ca On "Earthen", Gregory Kyryluk has somehow been able to collect the best ingredients from his output as Alpha Wave Movement, blending his trademark of evocative ambient atmospherics and contemporary electronic sounds together with flares of Berlin School.

The beautiful opener "Immerse" already illustrates smooth spacescapes intwine perfectly with gentle, holdback sequencer patterns. Subtlety and introspection also apply to the mesmerizing spherics and waves making up the title track, on which a certain meditative current also can be discerned. A smooth sense of motion surfaces on the ethereal and uplifting "Pulseforms", where I also felt a sense of classic Steve Roach shimmering through. Next are the slow drifting soundscape textures and xylophone sounds of "Source", all creating a dreamy sphere of tranquility and minimalism along a slight Asian mood.

The cosmic theme is addressed very nicely on "Helios", and arc or morphing, silencing waves and textures. At the end of the album, the wavering textures of "Forest" complement those of "Source" in a very cool manner. In addition, the whole album would do very well on repeat-mode as one doesn’t get tired of its valvenizing impact.

2015. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion, on-line music zine Highly applauded electronic soundscaper Gregory Kyryluk, the man behind Alpha Wave Movement (also Within Reason, Open Canvas and Thought Guild) remains connected to Darren Bergstein's Anodize label and the latest result of this fruitful fellowship is "Earthen" album, released on May 19th, 2015 as a pro CDr edition packaged in 4-panel digipak.

"Earthen", a 6-track album ignites with 13-minute "Immerse", a tranquilly soothing piece, slowly unfolding into graciously expansive and utterly embracing dimensions. Tinkling keys gorgeously reinforce the overall mood. Spellbindingly ethereal soundscape reveals all its magic and precisely captures the essence of atmospheric beauty. Then euphoric sequences inconspicuously permeate through amorphously elegant blankets and try to steal the center stage of these utterly evocative realms. What an encounter!!! A virtuoso soundsculpting here, we simply couldn't ask for more. "Immerse" is an immediate Ambient Hall of Fame nominee!!! The title track, "Earthen" unfolds with a parade of contemplative chime-like sounds, ranging from placid through crystalline to ear-tickling, splendidly bridged with warmly sublime washes, continuously becoming wider and broader, until they magnificently transmute during the second third into more massive drone cascades. This is an absolutely jaw-dropping transition, devastatingly gorgeous!!! Ephemeral cyber-tech fragments emerge here and there. "Earthen" sounds like a monumental tribute to the natural wonders on Earth!!! This is undoubtedly Gregory Kyryluk at the top of his creative soundmagic, because we just have experienced 25 minutes of innately genius electronic magnificence, bravo, Maestro!!! "Pulseforms", as displayed by its title, incorporate subtle distant beats, coupled with hauntingly nuanced panoramic washes. More minimal, yet droning passage sneaks in for a brief expose, before metamorphosing into diaphanously ticking synth textures evoking the Southwest desert spectacles. Alluringly intoxicating and intangibly magnetizing composition!!! "Source" glides and meanders serenely through stunningly spacious vistas of distant mountain range, although during the second half meticulously counterpointed with intricately Far East fragranced pulses and translucent tinkles. Obviously another astonishingly earwarming quietude!!! "Helios" shifts into darker drone terrains, calmly expansive, yet graciously undulating and entering into the eternal peacefulness of sky high realms. "Helios" undoubtedly showcases Gregory Kyryluk at the very peak of his profound sonic meditations!!! Closing piece, "Forest", the shortest on "Earthen", at the beginning floats through deeply contemplative zones, but soon organic traceries and gently pulsing melody slip to the fore, while rather monochromatic drone guards above. This composition is balmily nuanced and it impeccably ends this gorgeous recording.

"Earthen" is another highly polished sonic pearl in Alpha Wave Movement's impressive discography, superbly displaying huge talent, creativity, ingenuity and musicality of its sole protagonist. Gregory Kyryluk is an ambient composer par excellence!!! A true virtuoso of sheerly elegant electronic soundsculpting!!! Gregory Kyryluk is constantly exhibiting this since 1996, when he landed with triumphant debut album "Transcendence". I should also mention "Earthen" album was released in limited edition of 100 copies and according to the latest updates on Anodize's Bandcamp site, only 9 copies are awaiting for happy journeyers, so if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't wait too long... "Earthen" is another glorious AWM's release since "Celestial Chronicles" and "Eolian Reflections"!!!

2015. Richard Gürtler / Bratislava, Slovakia