1. The Sleeping Hostage
  2. Telephonetic
  3. An Immaculate Negotiation
  4. Murmur and Crackle
  5. Hypnogogic Butter Found in a Coma
  6. Orbital Lullaby
  7. A Meteorite Wrapped in a Discarded Corner
  8. The Obtuse Square
  9. 7777777
  10. Suspended Dormancy and the Obliteraton of the Expired
  11. The Larval Staircase
"...beguiling sound montages that provide a highly transporting seventy five minute listening experience."

Poised somewhere between ambient music and avant-garde acousmatics, Orbital Lullaby presents an enveloping and mezmerizing sonic montage of over 75 minutes. Highly immersive and hypnogogic listening from two acknowledged masters of sonic art.

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