1. La Vision [12:19]
  2. La Joie [5:16]
  3. La Force du Courage [8:37]
  4. La Solitude dans l'Espoir [7:32]
  5. La Marche [8:36] MP3 soundclip of La marche [3:00]
  6. La Sagesse du Destin [7:58]
  7. Le Combat du Sang [10:17]
  8. Le Combat des Epees [14:02]
  9. La Liberation [4:39]
Recorded at Eastgate Studios, Viennea, June 2005
Produced by Edgar Froese, mastered by Thorsten Quaeschning and Jerome Froese
All titles composed by Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Jerome Froese

Edgar Froese - keyboards
Jerome Froese - keyboards
Thorsten Quaeschning - keyboards, drums
Linda Spa - saxophone, flute
Iris Camaa - percussion

On the occasion of the 300´s anniversary of the French Cathedral in Berlin TANGERINE DREAM performed twice their new studio composition - JEANNE d´ ARC - La Révolte Éternelle - for the very first time in July 2005. This energetic and exciting music reflects a part of the Hundred Years´ War in the 15th Century, in which the brave and - in modern terms - emancipated young woman Jeanne d´ Arc, the Virgin of Orléans, played an important key role by bringing new hope to their people - a musical homage to the brave of this world and the principle of revolutionary thoughts and acts. This studio album was shortly recorded before the live performance including Linda Spa's saxophone and flute parts.

Press Information A very fine piece of work from Tangerine Dream. I purchased the cd @ the "Paradiso" concert last weekend. Its an epic piece also exciting composition. On the album we have input from all band members. Edgar,Jerome,Thorsten,Iris & Linda Spa makes an appearance again after such a long time. Favourite track would be La Joie followed by the rhythmic La Combat du Sang.
But guys they haven't lost that ability to invoke that great atmosphere they so craftily created years before.
All tracks are blended into each other but indexed for easy location. One of the best tributes to Jeanne D'arc I have heard yet. Buy it!!!!

2005. Geoffrey Keogh / Ireland Admittedly, I waited a long time for this album. I went to see the premieres of the work in Berlin, on the 8th and 9th of July 2005. Initially, these concerts did not cause my unmixed enthusiasm, as I found the music rather long-drawn-out, unfocused and undangerous. But on the second night, I found out that the music had some potential, although I wasn't familiar with it yet. Shortly after, this show was to be found as volume 79 in the Tangerine Tree series. Although TDI were quick to prohibit all distribution of the recording, I was even faster to get a copy.
I listened so much to this recording, I gradually got more and more seduced by the music, and learned to appreciate the 80 minutes of unbroken music. Finally, 2½ month later, it was a big pleasure to hear the official studio recording, which did not deviate the slightest from what was performed at the concert. But my opinion has turned more positive. Jeanne d'Arc is delightfully well-produced, with a crisp and warm sound for the cold and dark winter nights, as it is a beautiful work, different than the usual TD standards.
It's not just your ordinary Froese/Froese album. The Froeses on keyboards are joined by Iris Camaa on percussion, Linda Spa on saxophone and flute, and finally, new-kid Thorsten Quaeschning on keyboards and drums. Quaeschning added new vitality with his compositorical skills, where Iris and Linda provided the feminine and sensual character to the music.

La Vision is an invitation to enter the epic universe of sound. The dramatics are great, without being massive, and spiced up with Iris' delicate percussion, I see inner pictures from the concerts again, this relatively monotonous tracks get's me in a nice trance.
The atmospheric bridge to La Joie has the classic TD sound, and La Joie itself is a sad, subtle piece of electronica, that get's grander with the entrance of Linda Spa on sax.
La Force du Courage, a bit suggestive saxsong, is nevertheless very catchy, because of the all dominant melody line.
Like I remember from the concerts, Jerôme opens La Solitude dans l'Espoir on piano in a slow, drawling tempo, and the calm Satie figure, is later accompanied by sonorous synths. The best thing being how the tempo increases along with a modern, yet softened rhythm track. Then the track returns to its beginning.
La Marche is darker and not remotely different form the opening track, with its rhythms, and after six minutes, quite quirky tones.
La Sagesse du Destin is perhaps the most rum track. With Linda's transverse flute, and the subtle electronic backing, I think of the so-called lounge music - a modern type of easy listening. It's not at all ill-timed, and the next, very uplifting part, suits in perfectly. The third part is a return to Jerômes slow piano, where we also hear moderate synths and an electronically generated bonfire.
Le Combat du Sang is varied, and up-tempo in particular, rhythmically related to Mars Polaris, as it is ruled by atmosphere. After a long construction of grandiosity, there is a long drum break and a hypnotic sequence, done by Thorsten "SeQuaeschning"!
La Liberation ends an utterly wonderful concept album in a proper and grand way.

Tangerine Dream still got it. They haven't forgot how to play on each key on your gamut of emotions!

2006. Jacob Pertou / Denmark This TD studio album JEANNE D’ARC ~ LA REVOLTE ETERNELLE was recorded in the first half of 2005 and features some of their most energetic, rhythmic TD music in some time. It was performed live for the first time later in July of that year in Berlin, with the addition of Linda Spa’s sax and flute in concert.
This studio recording was done before that live performance.

Archie Patterson